Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Long TIme No Post

Long Time No Post dudes!!! hehe...

I havent practiced my language lately, but I have to.. that is why Im posting... just to practice.. even before, this writing serves as a practice... and every post talks my practiced language...

Anyway, first and foremost, I'd like to send one of my greatest CONGRATUMALATIONS *hehehe you know the word if you listen to them every morning* to my high school friend... Onang!! wuhoo! a healthy bouncing baby boy for yah! what a blessing! at meron na naman kaming inaanak!!! another reason for gathering! weee!!! im fixing the sched so we all can be set. alright. cool. see you soon, we're all excited to meet our new inaanak.. \m/

Secondly, is that I am getting busy all the time, got only 6 hours to give my body a rest, I mean sleep everyday. And I feel like my eyebags are waving, near to reach my cheek.. oh my gosh... Who wants to give me your sleep... Im craving for it... I wanted a full sleep...

What I miss a lot:
- tambay mode sa school... (every vacant hours, we do our review in benches near the field inside the campus where we can see passing students, that is what keeps us on break, just to have something to talk about... talking bout people passing by.. ^_^ oh no we're not insecure..)
- kare kare and sisig ... (usually my classmates and i share this ulam every lunch weee... of course to make the price cheaper individually)
- UAAP .... basketball... university events ( i can feel that we're really from that campus because of this.. and all students are friends... intact despite of different courses... we all have in common: skipping classes because of this. >.<)
- overnight.... (eerrr an overnight bonding.... we always do this during our thesis... huhuhu I miss an overnight bonding.. huhuhuhu... )
- cheating.. :P (hahaha... no need to explain... if you are a student, you automatically know how to do this one... hell how we do it our way...)
- kwentuhan... (tsk tsk...)
- and so many more pa... in short i miss my student life... now that i reached thereafter, im trying to pull it back... oh.. now i can spell idiot... together with my name. huhuhu.. im missing so much of those...

anyway, its getting late... a lot happened to me from the day of my previous post till now... I have a lot to tell.. but... I will just keep it... because time is running. and im running out of it again.. waahh...

till next time my dear blog.. bow!
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