Wednesday, March 28, 2007

is it GooD NeWs??

Hello there everyone!!!
well hello to myself since i am the only one who's willing to read this blog... hehe.. or should i say there is only one reader of this blog and that is none other than me, the writer.. *but of course!*
I just want to say I'm back, and my blog is back, although I didnt inform anybody that Im going to pause this to give time for our thesis... Actually, the reason why i'm posting now is that our thesis defense is already finished... want to know the verdict? Aw, as if I care if you dont want to... it's PASS.... and we're all very happy after our panelists commanded our wish... weee.... congrats... congrats... congrats... ehehe....
I wanted to take this post to serve as an acknowledgement for all the people who have helped us through our busy design times and who serves as our inspiration and influence throughout the whole thesis moments...
To all of my classmates, E41 class of FEU-EAC, batch 07, thanks guys for always supporting our group, through good times and sacrifices, you always share your shoulders to us and have them always there for us to lean on.. salamat talaga... Thanks for all of your help while singing graduation song, accompanying us for every absences *hehehe* that we have to risk... Sa mga tawa at lungkot na ating pinagsaluhan, gumana or di gumana yung project alam namin na you all feel the same as us, we can never did all those without you, alam kong alam nyo yan... you are all the best... salamat sa sigaw.. grabeh nauna pa kau tumili kaysa samin... ang saya.... salamat...
Of course, to my parents, kay nanay and tatay not only for financial support but all the support that one can give, mark me, they have them.. *ganito rin ata nakalagay sa acknowledgement paper namin ah! >_< * To my sis, ate len, to my cousin michelle, and to all of my relatives, thanks for the support although i know that you dont know what it feels like in thesis days *except ate, she knew that* still i want to send my gratitude to all of you, you keep me feel relax as always.... ^_^
To my friendly friends, Dethdeth, Menggay, RO family - ruthless guild, bosses, gm *tangkad*, to the Bears family, yuth *kev*, holy *genki*, and others - to Pare, to my tropapips *oluaris* - highschool friends - to John, to all ECE students of FEU-EAC, college of engineering that gave their support, to all CpE *Computer Engineering* students who sent their support, and to all the people who knows us... thank you for your support.... muahugs!
To our mentor, Sir Jam, to our thesis coordinator, Ma'am Clores, to sir Reggie and sir Renzo, to all of our professors of the whole school year *06-07*, to our bosses in our internship days, to ERC *English Resource Center*, to SAU, SRO, and other departments of our school, and to our panelists...... maraming maraming thank you poh.... muahugs din!!! ^_^
And of course, to my groupmates, Sarah, Janice, Edsel, and Lester.. we did a great job.. gow teamwork... built the project with prayers and skills.... look what we gained from all overnights, hard sleep or sleepless days, super bleeding head and eyes... and nose... from financial problems... basta from all sacrifices.. see we can do it, and now we did it... thank you mga taeh... isang malaking hug and kiss... UMUAHUG!
To our Almighty, for everything.
At syempre, sa iyo, oo sa iyo... oh titingin ka pa sa likod eh... ikaw yon tae... oo nga ikaw yon... sa nagbabasa nito... salamat ng madami...... expect that this blog would be alive again.... KUDOS!!!!!!!!! ^_^
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