Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Missing Highschool

i wrote this article for our newsletter... again... almost 4 years ago...
haha!! walang kakwenta kwenta...


Oh high school life… I miss u so much! The laughter we’ve shared, the trials we’ve faced, the secrets we’ve had, how can I forget all of that? Since the first day I came to you, you welcomed me with your arms wide open until my last minute on your side, you make my life so colorful.

I remember my first time with you. I was so cold then, my knees were shaking and my heart was beating so fast not knowing what struggles I am facing. I was so nervous but then you held your hand in mine and said, ‘Don’t worry, you will be fine’. I took a deep breath before I speak to you for my words might sound strange in your ears. You told me to stand up and say something about myself in front of many students for most of them don’t know me yet, so I did, since then I thought you can build me into a woman, so I trusted you.

I was able to give up but you told me to be strong. You taught me how to stand on my own feet in my first year with you. I was thankful you gave me a lot of friends who really helped me a lot. To unite all of us, we called ourselves D’ OLUARIS of course including you, you helped me form that name right? Many headaches you brought to me: doing projects, assignments, having exams at the same time, but I learned how to overcome from it, that’s why I became one of our class top ten. Oh, I almost lose that honor before the end of the school year because the mother of one of our classmates, Shette, moaned about what I did to her daughter. Yeah, I know that was wrong, putting my fingers in her head as if it looks like horn, but that was all of it. The issue became bigger and bigger that I can’t imagine I made a complete trouble. I found myself with you and other friends fighting with Shette’s sister and her group outside the school. The news brought to the whole campus after that day, teachers knew what I did, so they kicked me to the guidance office. It’s okay, its not my first time to sign in the record book, I can manage myself in front of my professors without showing any tears, I can fix the mess I made. A little disgrace was attached to my name since that day, in spite from all of those, I received my medal and the title of 3rd honor.

On my second year, you showed to me what high school really means. You taught me how to manage my time. Our friendship became stronger and stronger as days go by. The big deal about this is that I learned how to drink because you influenced me. The wine you asked me to taste was good, I almost drunk five full glasses but I didn’t felt anything until I reached my tenth glass, my last gulp, but it felt like I’m only drinking water while you were sprawling in my back, snoring very loud.

In our class while our teachers was not around, you showed me how to play games of chance for money, although you taught me I just tried thrice then I stopped. I found it boring. Instead, I enjoyed chasing our other friends, running through the narrow ways of our classrooms and laughing to the student who would stumble. The whole year, your angry voice I always hear trying to scold us, you even tried to bring me to the principal’s office but you failed to.

When I stepped into my third year, I know I’m facing a lot of problems. You gave me much pressure and most especially you taught me how to be in love when all your purpose is to hurt me in order to grow. You introduced this guy to me but I didn’t know that he liked me, I only found out when you started teasing me. So he courted me, we became friends and sooner I became his girlfriend. Everyday we see each other, but we won’t talk often because I’m taking up CO and my officer was his classmate who used to be with him any time. You told me some advice every time we had an argument. We lasted for less than four months after the issue of other girl flirting with him. I’m not feeling okay after we broke up, my smile was gone, but you always cheer me up. You told me that he’s not worth it, I trusted you that’s why I tried to forget him.

The whole third year encouraged me to go on because of all the sacrifices I face to be an officer. Remember those nasty things you forced me to do? Oh that was the most disgusting part of my life, but then I did. I proved to myself that I’m brave, I can do what you can do, if you can pick a piece of candy on the ground using your mouth, I can do it too.

At last my final year came, I don’t want to reach my 4th year yet, I’m not ready to lose you. I spent most of my time with you and our friends, D’ OLUARIS. We decided to go out of town every weekend, visited different places, and had an outing, we’re so happy forgetting all of our fears and problems.

I usually used my rank as an officer to control other CO, I really enjoyed it because I’ve been from that road too.

Graduation came; I can’t stop thinking that we’re going to separate. Until the very last day, you didn’t let me fall, you told me to hold on. Before the ceremony ended, I can’t stop myself from crying, tears fell from my eyes as I embraced all of our classmates, all of our teachers and co-officers, took some pictures and gave some remembrances. I called all of the members of our group, we were crying while singing our exclusive OLUARIS song, which I originally composed. The saddest part of my high school life came, I kept on tearing while hugging you, I kissed you as goodbye on the cheek and hold your hand as tight as I could. I started to walk away from you hearing the words ‘Good luck for the next chapter of your life’.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Meet my Tropapips

1st photo... jez, allan, and gavino
2nd photo... june, jason, edzel, emerson, and alvin k.
3rd photo... janice *reviewing*, edzel, alvin s. *behind me*, liezl, and eme
4th photo... june and i
5th photo... ako, gaw, sarah, june, allan, and lester

ano kaya sasabihin nila pag nakita nila toh?!?! wahehe...
sheetttt wala c glenn!!! sya may pinakamaraming pic sa cp ko... haha!
next time na lang glenn... ^_^

“Kung lalaki ako, liligawan ko kaya sarili ko?”

I do not know when and where in the hell I got this question, all I know is that I asked this to myself before. Maybe, it’s just came out from my mind for a certain reason. And I know it already after scratching my head like sir Beltran did while reciting a horrendous formula in front of our class *huhu… so sad wala na sya sa school… nakakaguilty tuloy… T_T *.

I asked my friend the same question, “Kung lalaki ka, liligawan mo ba sarili mo?”.

She said “No.”

I asked one of my classmates then, “Kung babae ka, liligawan mo ba sarili mo?”.

He said “Yes”. He said he was amazed and surprised to my question, I wonder what was the impact of my question to him. The question is very simple as you can see. Two choices to answer: Yes or No. There is no wrong answer. But the difficulty level seems to be ‘hard’ according to what he said that the question is apt for who wants to be a Miss or Mister Universe… *Mr. Universe? Meron ba nun?! Ahihihi*, in short, a beauty pageant.

I answered this question as… “Yes”.

How bout you? Ask this question to yourself.

Rock on!!! \m/
It's been a while since my last post here in my blog... nung may 22 pa yun.. anong petsa na ngayon... may 28.
A lot of things happened to me in this past few days. At last! I have an intern site!!! weee!!!
So sad nga lang wala pang site ung iba kong classmates... don't worry guys... just pray and wait... di baaaaaa....
Mas mahirap pa yung mock interview namin kaysa sa actual interview ng company... grabeh kaka-trauma yung mock interview sa school, pero ayos lang... ^_^

Sa June 5 pa start ng pasok namin sa company... and i'm thankful di lang dahil may pangalan yung company, kundi dahil magkakasama kami ng iba kong classmates. Di ba June? Jay? Bert? And yung iba pa naming ka-batch. Ang saya saya di ba?! Noh?!

Uh, huwaw stonefree sa... uh... anong show yannn... *watching TV*

Anyway, my recent post is for my friend... ayan yung nasa baba...

Uhm... thank you sa mga nag-view ng blog ko... I'll be posting few stories and hopefully share some experiences whenever i have free time. School is waiting and rainy days are coming. Ahuhu... vacation is over... back to school na naman tayo...

Geh poh!


Hi there girl!

I know you’re busy right now and reading this is such a waste of time. But you will take a glimpse of this if I tell you that I have something for you. Anyway, here goes a letter for you from one of your mental friend.

I always know that you have a lot of struggles this time, but I know that you can overcome those, too. You never met the words “give up” to add on your vocabulary right? and I can’t find it in your own dictionary either… What a funny way on how He put things just to learn…

Few people know me better and there’s only one person who knows me best, I think that was you. Yeah, it is you. I am with a lot of my friends most of the time. I talked to them. I shared experiences. But it feels different when it’s you who is listening. I know you know a lot about me, after all you are the only person I share my secrets with, not even my Ate. Although our schedules meet only for some time and very rare when schooling comes, you still willing to take even a second just to listen or tell your stories and news or just to say “Musta? Buhay ka pa?!”. Ever since I met you, I didn’t expect that our closeness will reach deeper like this. *naks!* ^_~

I’m very thankful for having such a true friend who understands me more than my sister… Hehe… I trust you more than you know and I’m hoping that our bonding will live as long as we can make it. Meeting you is a gift. Knowing you reminds me that no one is perfect, that I am not. And I thank you for that. You taught me how to make mistakes that will actually build oneself, but in a fun way. “Make mistake in a fun way, you are not perfect, so be it”. I admit I’m crazy but you’re crazier. I’m always be a bad girl but you treat me like an angel with horns. That is why I adore you girl! \m/

Sometimes I feel guilty because I’m not telling you what’s new and what’s happening to me more often. I feel guilty when you show me your tears, while I cannot show you mine. I felt so sorry about it. Though I’m not expressive as you are, and my emotions are hard to deal with, I know that you can understand.

I want you to know that I’m always here for you as your friend who will always ready to drink your bottoms-up when you cannot take it anymore, as your sister who’ll listen and advice you, as myself who will teach, comfort, and support you, or as whatever you want me to be to do anything you want me to as long as I can. I won’t enumerate what I want to thank you for, I just thank you for everything instead.

I’m looking forward for another ‘drinking session’ with you. Yes!! One-on-one again! Haha! The last one was really fun and I enjoyed it seriously with you. We rock right?! .\,,/

A cool lover.

A loving sister.

A crazy friend.

A cool, loving, crazy Dethdeth.

A living soul with a heart of a guardian who has an ‘angel-with-horns’ friend.

Astig ka girl! Lupet mo! Whew!

Inuman ulit!!! Weeee……

Love you!!!

Ingatz you always!!!

Mwaaahhhuuuggggssss!!! >:D<



Menggay will always be there. I know. And we’ll catch her up whenever there’s a problem. Remember, we are saviour! Deth ang bato! Darna!!! Hehe…

Monday, May 22, 2006

brain storming...

i've visited a lot of blog hosting sites this day... because i want to make a blog that actually fits my style *naks!* .. im not saying na "hindi maganda here sa blogger" pero baka may iba pa na sites na nag - ooffer ng mas maganda pa... kc d2 mabagal magupload ng image... or mabagal lang talaga ung pc ko.. *aheheh* .. but unfortunately most of the blogs are the same.. and one thing more, nakakapanghinayang tong blog ko kahit bago pa lang.. hehe... ayun..

kaka-change ko lang ng setting sa blog ko...
pede na po kayo mag-comment kahit di kayo registered user..
sensya na deth.. yan na pede na you mag-comment... kahit di ka member sa blogger..
so there...

anything else? suggestions? recommendations? whatever?
just post your comments here.. or just email me..

enjoy my blog eow!!! yes yes eow!!! hehehe ^_^
Friday, May 19, 2006

"i'm not a hugger" - ano daw?

“I have something for you.”


“Tadaaahh!!! Happy Birthday!!! ^_^”

“Wha… Aww.. Thanks! ^_^ You surprise me! I do not expect any gifts this day. I’m so thankful!!! Come on give me a hug!”


“Can I hug you?!” – Without any response from him, she hugs him as tight as she can. “Thank you!”, she said.

“Yeah. ‘ope you like it. I spent couple of hours for that card.”

“Really?! I’ll keep this don’t worry! I will treat this as one of my precious… my precious… my prreeccciiooouusss… *groar*.. ahihi! Thanks!”


She: I noticed you didn’t hug me back when I gave you my sweet hug a while ago.

He: Aww.. I’m not used to hug like you…

She: Why?

He: Uhm.. I.. I’m not a hugger.

She: You’re not comfortable hugging someone?

He: Not really. It’s just that I do not know you yet that much.

She: Then, why did you give me a gift?

He: I do not know. Because I like to.

She: Okay…


I went to a bookstore this afternoon, well, just to have something to do and have somewhere to go while waiting for the time to pass by. Its lunch break and I knew ‘office people’ in the campus are busier during this time. As I scan each shelf and some books about origin of ‘the secret’ and decoding ek-ek… eklavou… etc… I found a book about friendship and relationship, uhm.. something like that. I forgot the title *err*. It was small and thin. Each pages on the left shows a sentence about values like “Human touch is a healer”, while on each pages on the right is the explanation or supporting short paragraphs about that certain value.

One of the pages tells about hugging. A simple hug can heal any bad feelings, or simply a human touch can. *Yah. How true!* A person who insist he is not a hugger should be respected because that’s how he feels. He is not a hugger because he is not or whatever. But according to the book, this doesn’t mean that you’ll not respond when someone tries to have contact with you, physically. Instead, hug can be replaced by a simple tap on the shoulder, hand shake, or any hand touch. Human touch heals anything from within.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


i dedicate this to my friend.... dethdeth... yiieee.. luv u girl!!! ^_^


‘Still think about you… still dream about you… still want you and need you by my side… still mad about you… all I ever wanted was you… still the one… still the one…’

I was listening to this song and singing at the same time, of course trying hard to be a singer with a comb in my hand collaborating with Brian McKnight. I’m just a petit girl who loves inspiring music, wakes up early in the morning, goes to school, meets up with friends just like any sensible women do, no big deal.

I’m walking along the corridor in our building with my bag hanging on my shoulder when one of my friends, Kath, approaches and asks me if I can go with her outside. So, I said yes putting my things on the chair. We are sitting on a bench shed by a tall tree while eating and watching students passed by. So, to avoid getting bore or something, we decide to play a game, ranking guys from 1 to 5, as 5 being the highest or meaning has the ‘most can carry – best looking – looks’. I know we’re tripping but its necessary especially when we’re studying in a university having a huge population of teenagers. As we go laughing at each other’s scores, there passed a guy that actually caught my attention, but I didn’t react differently for Kath might tease me if she notices me, instead I did the same thing, I ranked him 4. Four enough for the ‘can carry style’ and a ‘cute’ look, but there’s something in him that I feel unexplainable. I don’t know why but since then I always look around looking someone like him.

The bell rang and our History subject was over. I packed up all my things in my handy bag, bring my two books with my hand and ran hurriedly upstairs for our next subject. Suddenly, I saw a white image coming fast towards me and then ‘ouch!’, I find myself sitting on the floor with my books all messed up. I was about to stand when someone lent me his hand and helped me; I stood up and say thanks tapping all the possible dirt stuck on my pants. At that very moment my bag and my books were in front of me carrying by the student who bumped me. I took it and looked to his face to say sorry but no word came out from my mouth when I realized that he was the same guy I ranked 4 before.

“Sorry”, he said with a toxic smile on his face.

“That’s okay”, I answered as I can’t keep my eyes out of him. I felt like the time stopped looking to each other until I blinked and remembered that I was in hurry.

“Thanks!” – the last word I gave to him that day with my heart jumping because of joy.

Two days later, I’m listening to my favorite song ‘Unpretty’ when our phone rang, twice I said ‘hello’ but no one answered me, on the third time, a shy gentle voice came out…

“Uhmm… hello, is this Apple?’

“Yeah and who’s this?”

“I’m Laurence, the one who bumped you before”.

“What?! I mean who?! Aww.. Uhm.. How do you know my name? and how did you get my number?”

“A piece of paper fell out from your book that day with a name, address, and phone number, so I guess it’s yours. I’m sorry…”

“Oh, there’s nothing to sorry about, I was the one who to blame. I apologize…”

“No it’s me…”

“Oh no it’s me…”

As we go over and over pleasing each other, and then we end up laughing and forgiving ourselves. Our conversation lasted for almost an hour and a half just sharing some stuffs, you know, like getting to know each other.

“Can we become friends?”, he asked.

“Oh sure! It’s my pleasure…”

“How about eating lunch together?”

“Oh okay.. anytime… as long as your treat why not! Kidding!”

I hung up the phone and threw myself to my bed, hugging my bear pillow and smiling with my mind flying.

We eat lunch together since that conversation, we’re becoming good friends, yes good friends. But my feelings is getting stronger, I feel that I love him more and more each day. Do I have to tell him? But what if he changed? I don’t want our friendship to be ruin, but what should I do? I can’t take this anymore, I want him. Okay enough! I won’t say anything to him. I’m a girl and that’s not the way how to win a guy’s heart, he might get turn off at me. Oh what am I thinking? Errr… Stop your fantasies Apple. Your just an Apple… your not a Mango! Come on!

Hours, days, weeks, months passed. We still do the same thing as friends. Nothing change. Nothing new on him, but me. It was my heart getting bigger and bigger.

One day we spent my birthday together. He gave me a CD, but the songs there we’re not written in the front cover, as his present. We ate a lot and shared almost the whole day singing in the videoke, dealing with our scores. I’m very happy that day, that was the wonderful birthday I ever had. He waves goodbye to me with a loving smile on his face as he walked away from our home.

When he was gone, I rushed up to my room, turn on my CD player, put the CD he gave to me then play it. While I’m listening to the first song, ‘No Ordinary Love’, my cellphone rang. It was Laurence!

“Ei Laurence! Wassup? See I’m listening to the CD you gave me right now, so I’m busy. Oh by the way thanks!”

“Yeah, I can hear it. You were playing it very loud naughty girl. Well I’m not going to make this conversation long, I just want to sing… or I mean say a happy birthday! This day was so great! Thank you for being my bestfriend! I want to say something but… oh never mind, just take care of yourself… Bye..”

“Hey wait!”. The line dropped. I tried to call him but his cellphone was already off. So I continue listening instead. After the 15th song which is ‘Separated’, I heard Laurence voice talking.

‘Hey there my dear bestfriend! You know what?! I’m so happy being with you, the times we spent together, the precious moments we’ve shared… you really rocks! I never had a friend like you before. But actually, I don’t want you…. I don’t want you only as my friend, because you’re special to me. Sometimes I think, I love you already. Yeah I love you. I want you always on my side, but I’m afraid to tell you. I don’t want to destroy our friendship, I’m sorry for all the wrong things I’ve done. By the way, my family and I will transfer in Cavite and by this coming enrollment, I’m not going to study in our school anymore. I settled all the requirements I need, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this before for you might hate me at all. This is our last day together. I have to go because everytime I see you, my love is getting stronger. Ei take care of yourself pare ko… eat for me while you’re eating lunch huh! Stay as cool as you are! You’re the best! This is Laurence who loves you more than I do.. umuah… umuah… muahhuuggss…’

The whole room was quiet. I sat silently embracing my feet with my head bow in my knees. My eyes were closed until I felt something coming out from it and dropped to the casing of the disc. Tears fell from my eyes as I listened to the very last song after his message.

‘Still think about you… still dream about you… still want you and need you by my side… still mad about you… all I ever wanted was you… still the one… still the one…’

ha?! oo!! maaga ko bukas... ehehe..
my cousin and i were talking about their school paper last school year... well, she was the editor-in-chief since then so, "say ko sa kanya... malamang talentado xa kaysa saken.. asa pa ko.. bakit pa ko nagblog?"... hehe.. ^_^ di naman po sa gnun... anyway, she was talking about an article about something that actually caught my ... well, MIND.. *whoaa!! do i have one?!* hehe oh tatawa ka pa eh.. magbasa ka na lang*.. tapos aun... bigla ko napaisip na magsulat bout dun... and abangan nyo un pag natapos ko na... wag kau magexpect ng maganda.. basta ung tamang gawa lang ng ordinaryong pasaway na tao...*ano daw tao? ah OO!*

ung ipopost kong next is sa newsletter din namin... gawa ko toh.. and unedited yan.. kaya pagpasenyahan nyo na po... ehehe... typical story lang yan pero aus naman... aun... ung kasunod nitoh un na un... geh nawiwiwi na ko... ehehe ^_^
Saturday, May 13, 2006


hiii!! ^_^
after fixing a couple of mess under my cabinet... i have recovered an article made by own hands... *whoaallaa!!* >_<> wehehe... *wag k ng ano! kokontra pa eh!* .. anyway, this article was used in our newsletter on my first year in college... actually, ung newsletter na un was for finals namin, by pair po un... and ung partner ko *hi bert ^_^* is magaling... and i'll try to ask him kung payag sya na ipost ang kanyang articles here.. so there... pagtyagaan nyo n lng wlang kwenta wenta kong article.. pinagawa kami ni sir ng ewan na maraming adjectives ata un.. at etoh ang nagawa ko... ehehe...

PS.. this story is based on my experience... yep!! most of them really happened...
so, enjoy your readiiinnngggggg...... ^_^


Happy birthday Joyce! It was March 10, Joyce – my friend and former classmate in high school – 17th birthday, when we talked about going in some of the resorts in Bataan the following week since her family allowed us to come with them. I was so excited packing my things in a very huge bag before the day of our departure: my clothes, my food, and of course my camera.

Early morning, as far as I know, was as early as 1:00, my friends and I with the celebrant riding on an eleven by eleven person jeepney left the Traifalgar’s residence going to our destination. There were five vehicles including Joyce family and us and relatives living in Antipolo and Valenzuela, quite more huh?! “This would be so fun”, we said.

The infinite shadows of the mountains is can be seen on the way there as my back is freezing because of the cold wind bumping my skin. The crooked course makes our jeep turns almost sideways while running. Although I can’t see the things around us because of the darkness, I know that we are crossing a deep abyss so I pray that we all get there safely.

The sun was peeping out from the green mountains lined up together as if wishing us a warm perception when we arrived there. I had my towel wrapped over me while taking a deep inhale of fresh air. In the foot of the high hill near us, there were tall green grasses planted in a wide rich soil. They’re dancing swiftly as the wind blows through them. On the other side, standing several cottages, which made by layered dry leaves as the roof and in the side encircling the wide round table are the wooden seats. I thought we’re going to stay in a hut like that but I was wrong, we rested in a big traditional house build in the center after the entrance of the resort. My friends and I put our things in one and only room in the second floor with a round window showing the beautiful nature surrounded us.

My feet were sinking as I walk to the very soft dirty white sand that I couldn’t take another step because it feels heavy. At last, the vast expanse of the sea was approaching me. The sounds of the waves were calling me to have a step into the water. So I did. I was feeling lifting up as the wave bounce through my feet. The salty seawater was so cold and clean that I can even see myself reflecting on it; until I was feeling my stomach was rumbling, need to eat something I think.

While walking towards the house, I smelled the roasted chicken cooked already – felt like my ears were clapping. In the long rectangular table, I saw my friends laughing while talking to each other and their plates were ready for serving, so I took mine and get ready too. The chicken was chopped into pieces so as the long broiled fish before placed in a banana leaf while my tongue swiped my lips over and over again watching it. I got my hot smoking rice before I put two slices of chicken and fish; washed my hands and started to eat with my bare naked fingers. I don’t want to stop eating after I chewed the juiciest chicken I ever tasted; my tummy almost came out from my body and ate it by itself.

After I have eaten, I have changed my clothes I wear to get ready for swimming. Before we went to the beach, we have rented a very big black life buoy that looks like a huge tire that almost eight people can fit on it. I have joined my friends in playing beach volleyball, though I’m not that tall for the position of the tosser but at least I tried to win the game. I have chased all my friends in the game ‘mataya-taya’ where we can’t step into the seashore, just run or swim to the cold water. It was hard that me myself can’t breathe properly and my eyes were almost stuck out while I’m trying to spew all the salty water I have drunken.

The sand was getting warm as I lay on it when I get tired of playing. The dazzling light of the sun was made my eyes close slowly. My body was all tired that I feel sleeping already; until I heard a loud sound of motor boat coming, so I opened my eyes and sat trying to find where it is. I saw four people jumping into the water from the boat when it stopped in the shore. I got up and talked to the man handling the boat if we can ride there, he said of course but thirty pesos each. I hardly think about it because I knew my companions don’t have any money so am I, therefore I told them and let them decide. After a tough pleasing, we end up riding to the boat without any fare, how was it? I guessed we got manong through our flowery tongue and fairy-like face…haha! Are we gorgeous enough? Nah just kidding, but its true that the boat carried us without spending any bucks.

As the boat ran, breath-taking surroundings cheered us, while we’re singing together our ‘tropang oluaris’ song. We went to other resort near the island standing in the middle of the water – there we took pictures in the bridge crossing the river that was connected to the sea. Little jellyfishes approached us while we’re enjoying the seawater so se decided to go back to the boat and asked ‘manong’ if he could bring us around. The mansion-like house at the top of the mountain-cliff stole our noises with amazement in our eyes. Manong said that the owner of Max restaurant owned it; no doubt it looked like a palace floating in the cloud. The sun was overhead and our stomach was singing with us going back to our resort. For the last minute in the boat, thin fishes were jumping from the water and there were hundreds or thousands of them swimming and flying in the air simultaneously with our boat’s direction. We almost made the boat sank jumping in place with our eyes wide open and drooled because of amazement. We’re still like paranoid talking to each other what was happened while having our lunch.

Way back home at six in the afternoon, we’re all powerless leaning to each other, looking the color changed in our skin. A big cross standing tall on the peak of the mountain which had been part of the history waved us goodbye before I totally got slept with a smile on my face. What a different outing I had, thanks to Joyce with a wonderful Bataan trip experience.

Friday, May 12, 2006

good morning sexy!!! waaaa!!!

wahehehe.... ako yan...
wag nyo ng tingnan...
di ako cute... >_<
bakit di ako nakatingin sa cam?
malamang... kc nakatingin ako sa monitor...
wakoko.. lau tsong!!
wala ko mapost kaya pic ko na lang po..
pagtyagaan nyo na... hehe...

babati nga pala ko..
hi kay ate len..
sa mga classmates ko.. ung mga nasa intern na.. galingan nyo..
kay dethdeth.. mis u na sis..
kay menggay.. miss na din kita..
kay pare... haha!! lam ko yan!! style mo talaga!
sa mga barkada ko... hello... kitakits next trip..
magpapasukan na naman..
ingatz kau!!!
umuuaahhhhhuuugggssss!!!! ^_^
Thursday, May 11, 2006

untitled number one

I decided to have a pinch on my diary to post here since wala pa naman nakalagay dito sa blog ko and seriously, nahirapan ako pumili kung alin sa mga dates and events ang ipopost ko dito kc naman po its part of my private ek-ek pero dahil nasa mood ako magpost ngayon at wala naman ako maisip na magandang ipopost, eh etoh na lang 1 page from my diary ang ilalagay. Well for me, kahit ilang beses ko basahin laman ng diary ko di ako nagsasawa and narerelax ako pag ginagawa ko un, nakakatuwa mga pinaglalagay ko…. Hehe… ah basta nkakatuwa!!!

So here’s one of the pages from my diary:

-ckret ang date-19:48-

Awts! Nanalo si ******! Galing nya!!

Anyway, susulat ulit me sau… mas okay na me ngaun… sana okay rin me tomorrow…

Nakausap ko c handzel, ang saya! Mas gumaan pakiramdam ko… may problem sya and I tried my best naman to help him. It’s like this, ung barkada nyang girl nagconfess sa kanya and di nya alam what gagawin nya kasi ayaw nya makasakit *oh diba ang taray ng girl! Astig!* . ayaw nya dun sa girl na yun ksi daw may gusto syang iba… *T_T aray c girl* Sabi nya almost lahat ng guy’s dream eh nandun na sa girl: ganda, sexy, yaman, bait, etc. pero wala daw talaga sya nararamdaman. Sa kwento nya, parang tinatali nya yung future nya dun sa isang girl na gusto niya. Kakaiba daw kasi yun. *Di kaya ako yun?! Wahehe joking!! >_< * Grabeh naman ata… ang galing! Meron pa palang guy na pipiliin yung gusto nya although may ideal girl na humahabol sa kanya… and c handzel yun! Ang swerte naman ng girl na gusto nya!! *kiligs* iilan na lang yun. Sana makahanap ako ng ganun.. wahehehe…weeee…. Pagkatapos nya mag-open, ako naman nagkwento since related naman *uy!* at least may idea sya what kalalabasan sa isasagot nya dun sa girl… worse nga lang nangyari sa ken… tsss!! But I can fix it naman… its me who have problems….
Pagkatapos ko sya makausap, ang gaan ng feeling ko.. ok na ko.. Sabi ni handzel parang nagbibigay daw ako ng ****** which is hindi yun ang point ko and ang galing nya, match clan ng iniisip ni @$%@# *guys are guys… and still are guys* kaya ngayon ang sabi nya, stay neutral, pero parang di ko kaya… sus ano daw? Di ko kaya?! Haha! Ako pah! Kaya yan!!>_< *yay!*
Tenkyu handzel… ^_^ …
2159 sa cp ko.. tinatamad na ko magsulat… bukas naman!! Wohoo!!


May part po dyan na nag-stop me magsulat kasi nag dinner muna me.. tapos pinagpatuloy ko lang ulit kaya malayo yung time interval… baka kasi iniisip nyo mabagal ako mag-isip and magsulat… nagsimula ako ng 1948 natapos ng 2159.. gwabeh naman! >_<
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First of Summer

dub dub dub.. u-u-urban... dub.. *sing that with the intro of first of summer by urban dub.. hehe wla lang.... ^_^ *

just got an idea of having a new blog in this site... napagtripan ko lang after reading certain sites that offer free blogs from a 'sikat' newspaper and a 'sikat na sikat' columnist... i had read the article after the first rain in this month... *haha! sa wakas umulan! langhyang yan! ang init kaya!! ampot*** ahehehe...

well.. this is my first post here in my blog... my first post this summer vacation... and still im waiting for..err.. nevermind na lang... ^^ .. and my first of all my firsts.. *ano daw?* aahh!!! antok lang daw ako!!

wish ko lang marami ako malagay here...
and wish ko lang magustuhan nyo naman ang wlang kakwenta kwenta kong blog..
enjoy your visit guys!!!

isang malaking kiss... umuuuaahhhh...
and isang malupet na hug... hmmmmmm...
pag pinagsama!!! umuuuaaaahhhhhuuuggggssssss!!!

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