Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear 2011…


Year of 2011 is a so-so year for me. It started with so-so, and ends with so-so, so? Hehe. Actually, the year started when I felt inspired, but that didn't last too long. As soon as the first quarter, all ended. But right then, I met new friends and I continue to learn from them, which is good for me. I love learning, so I hope they keep pouring me ideas and experiences. Anyway, this is my first time doing this. I won't spoil you, but please keep this as a secret between us... Ready? You're about to read some pages of my book... called LIFE... Enjoy!


January 11
1.11.11 pala ngayon!
I listed yung mga things to do and places to visit this 2011 kaso nasa ibang notebook. Andun sa APS notebook. Anyway I can always write them anywhere.
So nagpass na ko sa *** c/o Kaye & *** today thru email, sana mabilis ang reply.
What else?
Ah! Got a cheesy line:
I was thinking about things to do in Bicol & stumble upon the thought of Permel in a table, us confronting them. So eto ang line ko daw:
"Do not make him wait for something that won't happen, If it's too late, I may not be able to catch him... on time..."Winking smile

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