Monday, July 14, 2008

Greetings... again... and Again

Greetings Again.. and Again...
I originally written this yesterday.. But I failed to post this last night coz I was exhausted. Got no strength to turn on the pc and post this... Sorry for the delay.. huhuhu... Anyway, just think that the day is July 14 when you continue to read... Alrighty!

July 14, 3pm

Looks like I made this blog just for my greetings... hopeless... T_T ... I made this NOT JUST for greetings instead... but this post is a special greeting for a special person I ever met. *naks*

Oooppss just a sideway, I'm typing this post as a new note in my Outlook, so I can access this at home in case I failed to post this today here at work... Mabagal yung illegal access of sites eh. hehehe..

Anyway.. this goes to my beautiful pretty gorgeous loving friend... DETHDETH...

I cant greet you over the phone... naiwan ko sa house ung phone ko. huhuhu.. engot hmp... and I had no way to text you, so I'll just greet you here.. and I'll add a comment in friendster too when I got home. ^_^

Hmm.. actually, Im still shocked bout the news you told me before... but Im happy for you.. coz I know you're happy too... but I feel a little sad... Sad because Im missing you a lot... *gosh Im gonna cry huhuhu* and nakakainis kasi hindi ka agad makakabalik here... I wanna do crazy things with you.. wahahaha... jowk.. There's no more shoulder when I needed it, *no more yours* unlike before... *like now I needed one. hehe*.. No more inuman sessions... Find no one to share drinks the same evil way we did sharing... No one to ride with my trips... Im so sad.. huhuhu... *smile smile smile*
Anyway... hmm.. Happy Birthday! Another year to add on your life.. another count to add on your age... and another person to add on your journey... hope to see you soon... miss you muahugs!

I wont miss this post to have a special mention... and message...
To my dearest friend na kahit hindi masyadong nagkakausap I know she's there... Sorry I feel like Im not doing my job as a friend for you... I know Im not always on your side.. Im not there to always check on you.. check out what's happening on you... I feel so guilty not caring bout you that much... sana naiintindihan mo, its not that Im busy, but I know na you're being watched na and cared of na, so I think my part would be not that much as important... but now I know you need me... *or is it*... Sorry Gay... mai mai.. menggay.. whatever your name is.. ikaw po yung tinutukoy ko...
I know you can make it. you are a strong one same build with me. hehehe... Fighter baby.. Show him what you got... even more... dito lang ako backing you up for whatever decision you made... one call away.. one text away.... okie gay? miss you. dalaw ka samin minsan. hehehe muahugs!

There it goes!!!

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