Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Word Ouch, Says

He: hey I’m going to sleep, its late.

She: sure.. gudnyt ^_^

She met him on a friend’s birthday, a little get to know, exchange of numbers and email addresses – a common move for making friends. She did how to talk to a stranger at first until she was confident enough to speak other things on him and so was he. Texting and chatting between them happened few times a week since their first shake hands. She already met him four times since then, and knew him for more than a year now, still doing their routine. Only when there are occasions of the same friend are the chances for them to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Now she knew a lot of things about him, surprised they have the same zodiac and very much surprised knowing that his birthday is just a day before hers. She knew he has a girlfriend and they are going stronger for two years now, well she thinks and she is not hoping for an invitation having that fact. He is younger than her, so she expects a puppy talk when they were on their own; her level of maturity is dropping off for him.

A minute after he logged out, she remains facing her monitor, thinking on what to think. After the bond they have now, though not as close as her other friends but close enough to a have a feeling she herself can’t explain. He’s not sweet to her, but she is to him. She thinks that he is too complicated, maybe because he treats her suit enough to say special for her when they were together and she shows how special he is to her. There’s no malice at him at all while on her slowly grows the feeling she wasn’t sure she did not like but she surely can’t control.

This time, she still sits in front of her desk, checks her email; there she finds nothing from him. She opens her account in a friend-connection site, views her profile updates, and uploads some pictures of her with friends. She is not used to viewing profile of other, but now she browses the name of him, a click away to view what’s going on around him. Actually, she just wants to see him, she misses him a lot. Her body stops for a while, focuses her eyes on one side of the page, a picture of him looking so cute and happy… with his girl hugging him from his back, they look good together. She immediately closes the page, her heartbeat stops; she doesn’t hear anything, not even her mom’s voice calling her name. She knows how it feels like to be in love, and very much familiar on how it feels like to be hurt. But she feels neither of the two, now she realizes a thing - that’s not only a word ouch, says.


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