Friday, December 15, 2006

Bequest 3 - 1

this is the continuation of bequest series *wow series hehehe*... this part is a short one... by the way, if you haven't read yet the first part of this story please take a glance of it first, i mean not glance on it literally, you should read it actually... i divided part 3 into different chapters, that's why 3-1... kasi masyadong mahaba kung iisahin ko lang, ok lang naman yung maiksi, para medyo mabitin... hehehe... ^_^ enjoy...

Bequest 3-1

“Here’s your ice cream my little baby sister… Tirhan mo si kuya ha!!! *smiles*”. I am talking to my sister Erica when mom called me from outside our garage, actually we just finished our dinner together, and a celebration for this day, my birthday is just an unforgettable one. I am so thankful that this kind of happiness is not worth a thousand bucks, for it is then this would rather not for me. Imagine a day with my whole family, my loved ones, my friends, and Jessie. I can’t believe I did it a while ago…


“I love you too…” . Silence occupies the moment our eyes meet and our hands clasp together… Jessie smiled.

“Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo… could you stop your romantic lines, or else my lips might touch yours…”

“Think I deserve it?”

“Oh shut up!”

Silence again, an angel walked somewhere around us our eyes can never be reach.

“Better finish your food. You’re more than starving than I thought.” And she broke the moment.

*flashback ends*

I knew I am serious enough, I knew to myself that what I have said are all true, why she can’t get it? I think my face won’t fit in any serious talk, am I that ugly/ I hurriedly look myself on my rooms’ mirror when I arrived at home early 3 pm and just said to myself, “No, I’m gorgeous. She knows that.”

I carried my sister on my arms and walked outside where mom’s calling, she stood with dad beside her.

“We have something for you”, dad said.

Right near them is a motorcycle, a very good looking motorcycle, a proud pure black astigin style. Excitement runs through me so near in becoming crazy, it’s really unexplainable feeling to hold what you are looking for fulfilling the wanted part of your book. I quickly hugged mom and dad, kissed them thank you’s, and exchange I love you’s.

Suddenly the phone rang, mom and dad get inside to catch the call while I’m still exploring my new boyfriend (hehehe), this motorcycle is as handsome as his owner, devilish attractive.

“Broom… broom kuya?!?!”, Erica asked still on my arms. I didn’t even know that drops of ice cream already stained on my shirt, but enthusiasm fills me up so no time to recognize on such things.

“Mm! Broom.. broom… sakay ka?!?!”

“Broom… Broom…”

“Jez phone”, mom interrupted. “It’s Ned”.

Friday, December 8, 2006

17 Days

hi good morning!!! it is already 12:36 am on my pc clock... and still i'm alive, kickin', and scanning... hehehe... kung nandito lang si John (uy mustah na pala) edi sana sa kanya ko na lang pinagawa toh... best scanner yun eh.. wow jokes lang po no offense... ^_^

anyway... magpopost ako kasi naiinis ako... nakakainis talaga... just a while ago, mga 30 mins nang nakakalipas... i was talking to a friend who is.. uhmm... basta i was looking for this person kanina nung nag online ako, actually i was trying to surprise this person pero hmmm.... hindi nya naappreciate... ang gara.. hehe... and then medyo binara ko kasi nga yung 'surprise' di nya naappreciate... ayun nagtampururot ata... masyadong matampuhin.... ewan ko dun... malakas ba ko mambara? feeling ko hindi naman... mabait pa nga ko sa lagay na yun... di ko naman minura... wala naman ako sinabing masama... sabi ko lang "ganyan ka naman eh" tapos ek ek ek ek.. ayun lang.... ang gara talaga nun... nabadtrip ata... iniwan ako sa ere... kamusta naman yun... wala lang... eheheh...

honga pala yung bequest 3 tapos ko na... ittype ko na lang... tapos kagagaling lang namin sa laguna, and sabi ni eme iblog ko daw yun... iniisip ko pa kasi.... basta... iisipin ko pa...

the most reason why i am posting this early is that a special friend of mine is celebrating his birthday today!!! wehehehe.... and since di ko sya macontact, at least mababati ko sya here... maybe later pagdating ko sa bahay from school greet ko siya pero kasi baka pagod ako nood pa ata kami ng battle of the bands... so yun....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my pare (naks!! yun oh!! may ganun... oh walang iyakan.. hehe) Filuish Espeso (tama ba?) .... how old are you na ba?! ay mali how young pala!!! ^_^ .... just a little trivia, the name Jessie which i named to one of the characters in bequest is the name of his girl friend pero sabi nya hindi daw sya yun kasi iba daw spelling ng name ng gf nya, and nickname lang daw yun... magkatunog lang daw... kung alam ko lang edi sana yung original name ng gf nya ginamit ko, eh di ko naman alam name ng gf nya - as in real name - ang alam ko lang Jessie name nya, unfortunately mali pa yung spelling ko ang gusto nya Ghessie daw (tama ba?)... basta something like that.... pero from what the author's side, the name jessie from bequest is originated from his gf Ghessie (nakalimutan ko real name ng gf mo, Gesslaine ba? hehe)... there you go.... hehehe.... again HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

BTW, yung gift mo pare pa delay ko lang muna... bc ako eh sensya na talaga ang hirap mo kontakin eh.. di kita mahagilap and matimingan... so yun...
antok na ko.... haayyyzzzzz................ ^_^
Friday, December 1, 2006

24 Days

hi!! hello!!! hehehe.... wala lang... magpopost lang ako kasi wala ko magawa, i mean ayokong gumawa... anyway (anong tagalog ng anyway? kahit anong daan?), ang tagal ko nang hindi nakapagpost here... busy kasi... and minsan tinatamad...

babati lang ako, HAPPY BIRTHDAY kay Karen (Dec.5) and syempre kay pare (Dec.8) baka sumugod yun dito sa bahay pag di ko binati, and kay Alan (Dec.... 8 ba? kelan ba?)... kay tito pidols, kay tita evelyn... both December ang birthday non.. hehehe *background music: At the Beginning* ... sa mga classmates ko, mga tae kayo... sa mga friendly friends ko... ayon... thanks sa mga nagbabasa ng blog ko... maraming maraming salamat sa inyong pagbwisita... at paglalaan g oras nyo para mabasa ang mga kagandahan kong post khit na engot... kahit na di kayo nagcocomment at least pinapaalam nyo na nababasa nyo, and naaappreciate ko yun *naks!^_^*...

btw, since may nagrequest na ituloy ko yung bequest, oh sige itutuloy ko na hanggang sa kung saan matatapos ko... right now, kalahati na yung natapos ko sa chapter 3, di ko pa sure kung hahatiin ko yun kasi mukhang mahaba ata yung naiisip ko... ayun... tapos hahanapin ko pa yung draft non, yung flow ng kwento ewan ko kung san ko nalagay.... *i'm watching Maging Sino Ka Man - ang galing ng script, and ng sequencing ng story.. and okay rin sila magbato ng dialogues... lupet ang galing...* eh may exam pa ko bukas, tapos field trip pa, design pa, kain tulog pa, heheh di ko talaga maharap... nagkasakit pa si rock buti na lang magaling na siya....

ayun wala na ko masabi... ay honga pala, sa new viewer ng blog ko, kay John, haha! salamat! enjoy lang... di ko pa naaupdate yung LJ ko, pero susubukan ko... hehehe... ayun lang.... muahugs!!!! ^_^

Monday, November 20, 2006

My 6 Clend IC

My 6 Clend IC

OPM emo rock music is in season and embraces by our ears today. I admit, I was, am, and will be into it – I’m an addict music enthusiast right? I know you too… * \m/ *
*Since ganyan ang intro ko, what do you expect me to write from this post? Tss.. kelangan pa bang imemorize yan? Bisyo na toh, taeh…*
Last Friday, we went to a gig where a controversial band – 6cyclemind – played series of songs. The unwanted part here is that we have to wait for almost two hours for them to give pleasure… hehe… buti na lang, may cute na DJ kaming nakatabi while waiting *yun eh!* He looks young and his voice attracts everyone around, sana nagging voice na lang sya… jokes… ang galing ni papa Macho Palito from I-FM, idol! Woohooo!!!
Fortunately we were near the stage and the band is can be seen by our bare eyes form the place where we were standing without any head obstacle aside from the guard, lucky us!

They played around four songs ata yun including their own version of “Kumukuti-kutitap” ata title nun, their latest single “Umaasa”, and their two hit songs from their album – Sandalan and Sige with Tanduay lyrics (yuck)… What I like the most when 6cm perform is that they consider the audience as one of them, they are friendly enough, and most likely not a SNOB, they even tell jokes in between their songs, and ang kukulit talaga nilang lahat. I’m saying this, because other bands just play their songs then done… ganun lang… di man lang kausapin yung audience or tell a joke while the crowd wait for their next song, play and done, ganun lang… After a blast of rakrakan, the band wrapped the night up with autograph signing and picture picture…Since I already had the CD with their autographs, di kami makalapit, pero dahil sa batas kami *ganun*, taob ang guard… sorry na lang… hehehe… There's something wrong with the blogger, hindi ako makapagpost ng pics... isa lang... ayaw na eh...

Uhm…. Because Honey is happier seeing the band from a distance and June and Sarah are kind of shy kunyari, edi ako ang lumapit sa stage para mapicturan sila. After ko mapicturan si Tutti, he touched my hand for a while kasi inabot ko… hehehe… balak ko talaga dun hihilain ko siya tapos iuuwi ko na sa bahay… ehehe.. sa bahay nila June *yun oh!* As you can see, walang pic si Ney, kasi ang tanga ko hindi ata na-save yung shot… kakainis… anyway you can view the pics on my new journal site, just click here ... sorry for the inconvenience... sorry talaga...

Ayun… a one relaxing night with 6cyclemind with friends… by the way, the title of this post is actually jumbled letters of 6CYCLEMIND…. ^_^ There’s no such word as clend… hehe…

I would like to thank those who read my blog, congratulations! Nakarating kayo sa post na toh… if you are lost, SORRY TRY AGAIN… hehe… special mention to Paul Estacio *did I spell it right?* for getting hook into my blog, it’s really unexpected, I appreciate your time sobraaaa…. *uuyyy saraaahhhh talas ng mata oh… hehehe siguro sa isip mo, “mamaya to sa kin” hehe.. jowks*

I would like to grab this space to thank Honey, June, and Sarah for always being game to share my trip, your company rocks! All pics here are courtesy of Sarah’s cp, all rights reserved, copyright protected… kudos!!!
Tuesday, November 14, 2006

THOUGHTS (Bequest 2)

ooppsss... before you proceed please read first my BEQUEST post...
THOUGHTS (Bequest2)

1:00 in the morning, still I can’t sleep with the thoughts rumbling in my head. The dimness of the desktop light burnishes from an obscure corner of my room, stars suffuse the cloudless night as I get up from my nocturne moment. I turn on my MP3 player and site for radio station at that early, RT is still up so as WAVE. I gaze up to the sky while listening to a song I knew I know but doesn’t appear to be known by my mundane ingenuity. The moment I had with him keep on singing pleasuring my senses. I look for my guitar and strum a few tabs; the sound is angel to my ears, placing me to the scene I fantasized on the day of his birthday, few hours ago.

“I love you too… I love you too… I love you too…” – same lyrics, same line, same melody that pushes me in wanting to go back.. Ugh… It’s hurting me.

A romantic response on my gift, a friendly-romantic I love you too, it directly stab my heart and the feeling of forgetting everything except him once tickle on my essence. I wish that was not just camaraderie words, I wish those words mean something to him.

“Boom tarat.. tarat.. boom tarat tarat… tararat.. tararat… boom boom boom!!!” – my phone’s message alert tone whenever I receive a text message from Jez. I intentionally personalize that tone for him because it’s his teasing song for me, the way he sings that cheers me up.

“Oh. 1:23… the bossing is still up huh?.. Oh yeah. The finest among the gangs is much potent at this time”, excited I quickly throw myself in bed and search my phone under my pillow.

‘Gud nyt. :)’

Thinking he’s busy with his school stuffs, I replied the same message.
‘Gud nyt. Switdrims. ^_^’

Unexpectedly, he replied.
‘Still up? Or Training yourself to get up early huh… good luck.. :)hehe’
‘Mm… Pusta ko naka-unli ka na naman… adik ka talaga…’
‘By the way, thanks for your gift and thanks for being there… ;)’
‘Sure. Got to sleep. See u on school. Gudnyt! ^_^’

That’s all. That is all we can be. We can be a very good buddy for both. We can be a very good friend for others. That is how it started. I don’t want just to end it there; I’m such a hopeless dreamer. What should I do? How long will I keep it like this? Pieces by pieces he’s taking everything in me till a second I realized that I want to wake up in the morning because of him.

I lay quietly on my bed breathing the thoughts formed with different emotions. A slap on my face wakes me up from my deepest illusion, I hug him, I kiss him, I love him. I close my eyes.

Last Saturday night, June, Kaye, Honey, Eme, Alvin (S), Lester and I attended a one of the expected rakrakan concert held every year – MYX Mo! ’06…*asteeegggg* …

So, should I start the story?

After a very long stressed and pressured days, sa wakas… nakapag relax din through watching live performances of bands I love.. *yeah! Hehe* And of course after exerting super-effort just to convince them to come with me, that night would be the same as the boring nights I always had. *naks*…
We arrived there around hmmm… 6:30-7pm and walking towards the event with nightmares around you is a hell. I’m talking about weird-looking punks, rockista, whatever… How in their soul dressed in a way like that.. eerie, scary, but unique… sa bagay November naman ngayon, and Halloween is still kickin’. Naalala ko tuloy yung sabi ng pinsan ko, PUNK stands for “People Under New Knowledge”, kasi daw marami silang alam na marami ang di nakakaalam… is it? Kala ko kasi ‘People Under No Knowledge’… anyway baka kung sino makabasa nitong post ko, and resbakan ako, I have no against the totally-exactly what they consider themselves as punks and rockistas out there… Peace lang…

I hate their security in the main gate, it’s awful. Walang ilaw, and hindi talaga nakikita yung mga hinahalugkat sa bag, as in kakapain lang nila… or tatanungin ka lang if you have pointed things in your bag, ganun lang… I hate it.

I am worried na baka magkahiwa hiwalay kami, and baka may mawalan ng gamit sa min in case of trouble but thanks to HIM wala naman masamang nangyari samin…. Again, here is the list of bands/artists who performed that night na naabutan namin…

COLOR IT RED – “2…2…. as in Dalawa… *ten-ten-tennen…*” mama Cookie Chua, hehe mama talaga eh noh, was singing while we were harassing by the security personnel in the gate…

Lucky us, we arrived early and ang pinakamaganda and safest and LIBREng part ng open ground eh napunta sa min…

SOAPDISH – “pweeeddeee baaaaa…..” I thought their vocalist is a chubby one, because he looks huge in tensionado music video eh, parang ang taba nya dun… pero in person ok lang naman pala ang kanyang body… good peaceful performance…

CHILLITEES – I dunno what was the title of the song they played… but they’re good.

CALLA LILY – “take my hand…. We’ll fly… to the sky…. Where there are…. Stars in the sky will never be the same… if only you were here… ten-tenen-ten-ten-ten-tentenentenen…” hehe… one of the bands na nagpatayo sa kin mula sa pagkakaupo… wafu ni papa Kean… muahugs…
6CYCLEMIND – “Myx mo!!! Myx mo!!! SIGE!” – I don’t like the tanduay’s version of sige… hindi maganda sa rhythm… but at least nakita ko si papa NEY!!! Woohooo!!! Hey papa ney?! Is it true with you and Katrina Halili’s issue… shocking…

PROTEIN SHAKE – ano na nga ba kinanta nila??! I forgot… “Malas Mo” ata.. and yung pacquiao song… im not sure… wafu ni tutti.. ang frutti frutti… hekhek… sinabayan niya si Ney pagdating sa Sige… and Trip…

AMBER – most of the audience have their dirty finger dancing in the air while she was singing…

FRIO – “Make me alive.. make me suffer… make me….” Uhm… ok naman…

PEDICAB – uhm… I don’t like them.

The opening was a BLAST…. The way of introducing the VJs were satisfying different… And SUGOD from SANDWICH is such a grand opening performance. Ang galing!!!

KAMIKAZEE – “nardaaaaaaaaa……..” kala ko martyr nyebera kakantahin nila… sayang… A deserving two thumbs up – kickin’ – rockin’- astig performance I enjoyed… Grabeh.. astig talaga kamikazee…

IMAGO – “isa.. dalawa.. tatlo… nasan ang anino mo… taralets..” tsk tsk tsk.. mama aia wasn’t able to finish the song kasi pinahinto na sila sa intro pa lang ng taralets… ayaw na nila mag proceed kasi nagkakagulo na nga daw sa likod.

Ayun… masaya na sana kung natuloy yun, but there are people who came there just for pain in their ass and other’s ass…so Gods behind Myx Mo! needed to stop the show to avoid ‘death’ again… hehehe… It’s sad that those people don’t have little disciplines in their body, and don’t know how to respect whoever sitting quietly on their side…kaya nadamay yung mga matitino… kaming matitino *aw?* Sayang talaga…

A simple advice from me: EDUCATE and DISCIPLINE YOURSELF…
Friday, November 3, 2006

Trick or Treat?!

before anything else... i want to greet Honey a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! naks!!! hehehe.... we love you! muahugs!!! ingat ka parati... and take care of your heart as you take care yourself... bakit parang di pala kayo nagpapansinan ni papa J? hmm....
so there... 1st time kong pumunta ng cemetery ng Nov.1, i never celebrated all saints day na may dinadalaw sa cemetery for my whole years of life... ngayong year lang na to... awkward... ganun pala yun... hehehe... and daming tao and seems like fun naman remembering your loved ones and others loved ones.... ayun... nga lang kinabukasan (nov.2) bumalik sila ate sa tomb ni lola, and ang linis na daw... wala na yung candles and even flowers na si nanay pa ang nag-arrange sa basket... lupit talaga ng mga pinoy.. pati yun pinatos... grabe... hehe...
after we visited my grandma, pumunta kami ni ate sa sm val... ayun nakakita ako ng guitar... nagustuhan ni ate yung pink... tapos nung umakyat kami gusto naman ni ate yung white in other shop... kaso ang gara nung white eh, di masyadong maayos and walang saksakan para sa speaker... yung pink mewon mejo mahal nga lng... tapos mewon dun color tae, yung gusto ni sarah.... kaso kasi pag ako pumili tinitingnan ko yung taas ng string, gusto ko kasi yung mababa lang para di masakit sa daliri... and now im still thinking kung babalik ako dun ngayon... by the way nasa school pala ako ngayon... ayun wala lang.. wala ko magawa eh kaya nagpost ako here...
nakakainis nagformat ako ng pc... yung mga posts ko here na nasa drive ko nawala lahat... nakakainis talaga.... hmp... so there!! ay honga pala.... sa mga groups na tapos na yung defense congrats! kudos mga tol!! ayos!! tapos na rin kami! weeee.... final paper na lang ang di pa.. hay nabunutan ng tinik sa lalamunan... nga lang mas malaking tinik ang sumunod na bumaon, and next year pa mabubunot yun... waaa!!!! hirap maging student! shet!!!
yun lang... till my next CoS and other articles!!! see yah!!! hi pare!!! naks!!! muahugs!!!
thanks for visiting my blog.... ^_^
Thursday, October 26, 2006


Preamble: I wrote this story two weeks ago and just finished writing this week. It took me that long because I'm damn busy regarding our design... sorry guys for keeping you waiting... and thanks for your patience.. I really need them now.. hehehe... Its hard for me to catch the idea of its ending... ang hirap mag-isip... so please comment on this one... thanks!!!! Enjoy reading!!! ^_^ muahugs!!

“What time are you going to class tomorrow?”
“Class will answer that.”
“Alright then, mom’s going home early tonight, I have to cook for her. Need to go! See yah!”
“Yep.” I look at her as she faced her back to me. I marvel, didn’t she remember?

“Hey baby! Happy Birthday!!!”
“Moooommmm…..” I moan and turn to eye her. She kisses me good morning and comb my messy hair out of my face. “It’s early in the morning… I told you not to wake me up. I can open my eyes by myself”, I said still blinking.
“Aww.. baby… mom’s only trying to share her sweetness.. come on!”
“Yeah, come on… a 19-yr old guy babying by his mom in this sleepy hour… oh come on!”. I lean sideward and prepare for a blow sleep.
“You’ll come back home dead if you insist,” she said standing from the side of my bed with arms crossed. “You’re late baby.”
“What are you…oh shit! I didn’t remember I gave a day off to my alarm clock! God! It’s not moving… again!”
I hurriedly take my bath and breakfast kisses mom and dad goodbye and kisses my little baby sister too.
“Haapp Peeettddeeeyyy kuuyyaaa…”
“I’ll bring you home an ice cream tonight… Like that? Huh?!”
“Enjoy your birthday baby! Come home early huh, we’re going to celebrate!”, mom said.
“Yeah. Love you!”
“Oh yeah.. bring home your friend… the one…”
“Yeah. Yeah… I’ll ask her… got to go!”

Hiatory class doesn’t wake me up; I wonder why it irritates me today. I don’t seem to be me at all… I’m thinking of nothing but that infuriates me… and when I think of something, it only pinches the devil on me… watdapak.

“Hey! What are you doing here? You seem to have a next class right?”
“Yeah…. Uhm…. Kind of hungry… want to come with me?”
“Huh? Look. I’m only vacant for fifteen minutes, and my next class would be….. wa..wait… heeyy…!”
“Come on!”, I hold her wrist and drag her downstairs. “You’ll come with me if I carry you, I know you would.”
“Eh. You shit. Wa-wa-waaaiittt…I have feet… you idiot!!!!”
“Mm.” I gave her a little annoying smile and put her wrist back to her as we reach the final step outside the building. Jessie, a one-of-the-boys cute girl, is my friend since I first touch my college life – almost my best friend. She easily comes along with guys and is not hard to approach. She does what guys like to do, she brawls with me every time we play computer games, she plays guitar and very talented in music session. She is like my Arwen at my back in my hard times, and my DoTA hero who’s ready to fight at good times. Although I have a lot of guy friends who I shared my guy-thing and same with them to me, I treat Jessie as a different guy sealed in a woman’s body…*not exaggerating* But hey, I adore her like a goddess, she’s cute when we’re having fun and teasing moments.

She taps my back hard while we were walking towards our favorite food house and often hold my arm because I walk fast. She doesn’t want to left along the side walk and I don’t want to let her hands untied with my arms, so again I seize her wrist but now with gentle, I don’t want her to die on my grip.

“Now what? Tell me what’s wrong. Any problem?”, she asked while sitting on our table.
“Then what are we doing here?”
“To eat.”
“Nakakainis to! Aabsent pa ko para lang samahan kita kumain!”
“At saka samahang umabsent.”
She does a mock-naughty facial expression and points her favorite meal on the menu. “Because you drag me all the way here, I like this. Because you held my hand so badly I like this. Because you’re a dumbass, I like this… hmm… And oh! Because I’m a dumb ass too, I like this!!!” – she said while alternating her eyebrows up and down, giving me a this-is-your-sentence-for-harassing-a-good-looking-girl glance.

“No problem. My treat.”
“Oh! You’re sick! I got to call your mom, and tell her to bring you home. Treating me is a symptom that it’s serious! And I have to set up for a party… you’re dying! How nice!”. Seems like over acting is a girl thing, and she does that perfectly.
I just show her a quick laugh as if I’m riding on what she says. “Yeah. I’ll kill you first.”

We took our meal together, sharing what we ordered of course like we always do, chatting about school stuff and barkada gimmicks. We take this day as an ordinary day and I’m not telling her about how important this day for me, well a number added to my age – feels good that I’m still alive to share things with Jessie.
“What time is it?,” I asked while finishing my drink.
“I’m sorry to tell you, it’s your time.”
“Aw.. then maybe I should demonstrate to you how it feels like… MY TIME..”
I received a sharp look from her with a teasing smile on her lips. She sips her drink and has a spoonful of her favorite desert – oozy choco ice cream. I look at her seriously, telling her mind to greet me, and I would be happier, but it’s not easy to have a telekinetic power besides its not even exists on my body.
“What’s with that stare?”
“Nothing. Can’t you remember anything today?”
“I can remember a lot of things today. What do you mean?”
“Mm.” I nodded a nothing-answer to her and continued to drink.
“Hopeless… tsk tsk tsk…” After a couple of seconds, she started to move uncomfortably, dancing her waste on her seat.
“Oh shit! There’s something on my pocket!!! I think it’s a…a… I don’t know what it is! Come on remove it Jez, faster!!!”
“What?! Why don’t you pull it out on yourself?!” I said with panic. I never used to pick a thing or whatever inside someone’s pocket, except mine.
“Wh.. gay?! Come on! Pick it out!!!! Shhiitt!!!” She sat still holding her uniform up where her pocket is.
“Wha… Okay. Don’t move!” choice less, I hurriedly move up and position at her back, I held her hand again, and slides my right palm to her pocket. I was unaware of what was moving on the tip of my finger, until I felt like my fingers are not moving.
“Aw!!!,” I cried madly as if I had no hand at all. I pulled my hand out of her pocket and jumped quickly to my seat.
“What the hell! Are you trying to kill me!?!?! Wha… What is this?!?! A mouse trap on your pocket!!! You’re addict!!!”. My veins won’t run anymore to my fingers. I carefully release my fingers before it and blow them like what my mom did when I was still a weakling child. Attach to the little mouse trap is a cute feathered black box, shaped like a guitar.
“Happy Birthday!!!,” She greeted at last! After a long mind talking sessions. Her eyes look like an angel while laughing at me, and knowing her trip was a big success. “Thought I don’t remember, right? I won’t. You know that you’re my only special friend.”
“Mm. Nice trip. And what’s this? Your gift?!”
“Genius. Obviously!”

I untied the scuffed-style ribbon around it and opened the box. A small glass plaque shape like a tombstone with embedded letters welcomed me at first glance. With unexplainable excitement running through me, I removed it from its parcel and read the letters written on it.

“Here lies one special,
A fun handsome guy,
A pure loving soul,
A sweet-sexy-thingy body,
Born stupid, grow dumbass;

Convene by seraphs, befall crazy;
Life turns to hell meeting Jessie.”


I smiled. I turned to her and she looks like expecting a comment from me. This gift shielded by her company is the only present I received that totally blast my spirit. “Ugh. No words can describe what I feel right now. This one is unique.”
She smiled as if she was contented from what I said. She grabbed her drinks and finishes it with a thumbs-up gesture. I was hampered by the time and carried out by the moment as I reached her hand without even knowing I did. “Thanks.” I whispered.
“Your welcome.” She replied.
I held her hand closely to mine, and leaned forward towards her. I did it without looking at her instead my eyes is attended on the gift she gave. Still holding her hands, I looked up to find her eyes. The fact that I’m doing such things dwell only in my dreams, moment has come to bring my thoughts to bona fide. Her eyes speaks to me, the words I will cry would mean I can now die.

“I love you too…”
Tuesday, October 17, 2006


October is one of the months that have plenty of celebrations, and this month is actually giving me a headache and is of course a threat on my pocket. More celebrations (birthdays...etc) - more greetings - more gifts - more money to spend. Er! Can I die everytime October comes? hehehe....

Anyway, a list of greetings I prepared for this whole month who will celebrate their birthday and/or monthsary and/or whatever celebration they may have as long as I knew it, then time for me to greet them... belated or advance... here we go...

To Christina Aquino (Oct.4) & Raquel Acob (Oct.9) - a very warm happy birthdays for you two. These two are both my classmates in high school and is a very important members of our berks.. heheh...

To Rommel Legaspi and Globen Abron (Oct.13), have a merrier birthdays for you two!!! Hmm... I think a simple birthday greeting would do right? *I don't want issue here...* hehehe...
To Veronica Hipol (Oct.15) - rock on girl!!! miss you na!!! Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to text you, you're not replying kasi eh... anyway, I'll just visit you on your work okay... *She's my high school friend, and an active barkada until now.. one of my closest dude, my source of answers, and my knife to wake me up.. hehehe*
To Alvin Kabiling (Oct.16) Happy birthday AAALLLVVIIINNN... woohoooo!!! hehehe... I'm sorry I don't have any presents... I'll promise you'll receive one from me but not now... a hug and kisses would do ayt?! hehehe.... muahugs!
And of course.... to Myrah Banoyo (Menggay! Oct.20) yiihii... Happy Birthday! I know you're happy right now, and a greeting from me would just giggle your lip a second, but that's all... *hehehe... nag-inarte eh noh... jowks lang po* anyway, happy happy birthday talaga! It's nice to see you again! Namiss ka namin ni Dethdeth!!! Hope you'll have more time to spend with us... muahugs!!! Enjoy our gift!!! hehehe...
So to all of you who celebrated or will celebrate your birthdays this October, live that day as if your last.. hehehe... ^_^
Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Confession of a Student *chapter 7*

Jut down five important lines from the film we watched today: Tuesdays with Morrie; and tell us how those affect your life.

I just want to share my answers on this assignment in Philosophy, I have already read the book whom the author is Mitch Albom before I got to see the movie (like most of us did). The message of the story tells the book more than the movie itself. *baka kasi hindi na bumalik saken tong papel ko, just in case, ilalagay ko na lang dito sa blog ko yung sagot*

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.”
- This is a certainty or a reality over life. In my case or as for everyone also, love is something that you can share and receive without any means. I treasure the people around me especially my family and friends. I share my love and give them most of what I can offer for closeness, understanding, and also learn to love one another. Although sometimes pain replace love, that doesn’t stop me from loving. I can give my love to anyone forgetting if they could give them back to me, but as long as I receive it from others, I don’t need to expect to return the love to the one I have given mine.

*haha… I don’t think grammar effectiveness would work here…x_x *

“But the big things – how we think, what we value – those you must choose yourself. You can’t let anyone – or any society – determine those for you.”
- Decision is one factor that colors life. As what one of the posts on my blog says and what I believe in – the one you want is what worth doing. I grew with my decisions and learn wanting what I have. In my opinion, knowing what you want will build your own self; finding a way to achieve those will teach you behind what you want; and reaching what you want will give you satisfaction, contentment, and happiness – this will push you through wanting again. And at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself holding your goals without even recognizing it, instead feeling it.

“Neither money nor power will give you the feeling you’re looking for, no matter how much of them you have.”
- Money and power are just part of you goals and are not really bring you happiness. I didn’t have both yet or should I say even if I have those two, I make myself pretty stupid thinking those satisfy me or bring me the feeling what I am looking for, but the truth I know its not.

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”
- When my grandmother died, her life ended, but the fact that we still call her ‘lola’ shows the relationship is still alive. As long as we care, we remember, and her memories reside our hearts, the relationship is still there.

“Don’t let go too soon, but don’t hang on too long.”
- Pursuing give me patience, trust and confidence but too much of it without having anything in return taught me to change the way I see things and turn to the direction I wanted to, or the direction that I think would give or teach me more than I know. I’m a kind of person who’ll struggle for what I want up to the last second if this is worth doing, but I am too the person who knows how and when to stop into some things – that is the time I should turn to another direction.
I have read Emerson's work, and it's pretty cool ... ^_~ yung saken parang wala lang.. hehehe...
A 3-Day HAPPYning (part 3)
September 10, 2006
Sunday. Cavite.

I can’t easily sleep last night, I think I’m not used to less alcohol at one night shot of drinking session *jowks*, my blood still run wild through my veins. I really can’t sleep, so I got up at 4am. Since I have nothing to do and no one to talk to, why not look for something that would make me busy.

Buzzes from outside the window surround the whole house as I took my eyeliner and Sarah’s cp and get ready for a nice trip. While holding the cp on my left hand for the video and holding the eyeliner on my right, I started to write a word on Alvin’s (K) foot… “OLATS”… It was fade on my first stroke, so I carefully write it over and over to make it visible. But before that, I put a mark on June’s face too, then Alvin’s (K) face, then Alvin’s (S) back tummy *imagine a tummy in the back.. kidding!!! Eow Alvin.. muahugs* Anyway, I can’t see it clearly because of the room lights off, I used the light from the cp to have a glimpse on what I have done *gudlak naman yun…* … And not bad!!! At 5:30, I have finished my obra maestra “Abstract Body Text/Graphic Messaging with Eyeliner”…*sagwa! Eeww..* Isama pa yung what Alvin (s) drew on Rommel’s face – uhmm… I can’t remember what they call that.. I think it’s the helmet owns by one of the tall casts of Star Wars nakalimutan ko yung name… di ko mafigure out, pero naughty ata yun… hmp.. hehehe

June, Emerson and I set off at noon leaving some of our classmates in the dorm, we’re directing our way in Araneta Coliseum to watch UAAP Cheering Competition. We messaged Lenard to buy some tickets for us… but unfortunately, we were late. So we ended up chatting in some corners of Gateway.

Lenard is a girl, a feeling girl *hehehe*.He was with his friendly feeling girl classmate too, and his friend was with his boyfriend – so we pull Lenard onto us to give way for his friendly feeling girl classmate with his ‘private matter’. What do you expect talking to a gay?! – of course kachuvahan-chenelyn-eklavou-chukchakchenes moments… meaning ‘fun and funny’… The core of our conversation focuses on ‘how to determine a man if he is a bisexual or not?’ … A man. It’s pretty hard to say because I myself have not yet encountered a friend who’s purely man outside but is actually an ‘I-want-a-man’ inside… I doubted Lenard when he points to someone who he thinks is a member of Piolo Pascual clan. I really can’t figure out who’s who… errrr…

After our discussion and eating conference, we noticed that hundreds of students are walking around us – a signal that the Cheering Competition was already ended. UST got the title, a big hand for their dance troupe *gow Salingawi!! Nice one!!* .. Tired and dead beat, I arrived at home at 8pm, took my dinner and directly go to sleep…

Fun days have ended, yet mornings have more to offer…
Monday, October 9, 2006

A 3-Day HAPPYning (part 2)

A 3-Day HAPPYning (part 2)

September 9, 2006

After a very short night dead at bed, I woke up 7am. I quickly informed Sarah *nice special mention dito hehe..* that I will be late and we’ll see others in school. I didn’t talk to my nanay when she got out from bed, a ‘melee through our minds’ is going on between us, and she didn’t say a word to me either. So I took my breakfast, full my mouth and swallow the bread as fast as I can, took my bath, put my clothes on, then packed my stuffs up. I wanted to dissolve myself in our house as soon as possible.

My classmates and I were going to Tagaytay, have an overnight stay in Cavite then watch UAAP Cheering Competition on the next day. That’s our plan, my plan. My head was already bleeding thinking on how would be the finest way to tell my mom for this consecutive barkada-gimmick-HAPPYning.

“Nay, may overnight kami, bukas pa ko uuwi..”, for I thought that was the best approach finding her busy sweeping in front of our door.

She stopped and shouted “Sige! Magtanan ka na!!!”, *awts T_T musta naman yun?*

I walked away from our house without a word or two, hearing “sige” made my ears clap together because it means “okay go ahead” for me… so okay lang yon, meaning pinayagan nya ko kasi sabi nya sige… naman!!! … Whatever the words next to it are just supporting concerns telling me to “be careful or ingat”… Anyway, it didn’t bother the devil on me nor the angel with horns holding a huge fork and laughing like “bwahahaha!” if ever I have one. Oh that’s great if I have… wicked huh?! She said “sige” so she agreed… Last night actually, I didn’t tell her where should I go and where I came from when I arrived, she was bad trip with me.

“Picture! Picture!” – as always travelers do… expectedly..

Tagaytay is like a “sky na tinubuan ng land sa ilalim”, unlike in Baguio its “sky na tinubuan ng land sa ibabaw”… cool right?! Of course, we relax our veins in one of the famous spot there, Picnic Grove. After a very long site seeing and mostly memories-taking, we head ourselves up to the Palace / Peoples Park in the Sky. There we see vastly from a higher position. Like a king on his thrown, Taal lies quietly in the lake, giving his preeminent view as if saying “Hey look at me… Say I am elegant or I will kill you!”. Tagaytay offers simplicity, but this simplicity brings a completely satisfaction guarantee. An 8.5-star rating definitely ought to have a return.

After the sunset, we’re already exhausted and way ourselves down to Cavite where we spent our night in the dorm of two of our classmates. The house is good so as the room, it’s pretty huge and enough for 10 people. We took our dinner there and prepared for sleep. But I’m not feeling sleepy yet; I’m thinking that up to now I only had one session of ‘inuman’ with my classmates so why not drink that night for our second session, right?!
“Inuman tayo! Ano ba yan ang aga aga pa…”, it was only 9pm and some of them are just pooped like June and Eme sleeping already like a.. uhm… *should I write it?* never mind…

“Oh sige zel, libre mo? … Ooiiii inuman daw taya si liezl”, mel said.

“Tae, ambagan…”

“Ay wag na… wala kaming pera noh” – a common reason as usual *students are always like this especially those who treat themselves a seraph… pisses me off sometimes *sorry* particularly in rare-gimmick-events but of course I UNDERSTAND…

“Ay ayaw nyo ba?? Sayang naman… busy na tayo next term… sige na!!!”

Alvin, Rommel, Allan and I went to the nearest stores but unfortunately they were all closed, so we bought 3 Red Horse Grande and ‘pulutan’ in 7-11 which is a one ride jeepney away from the house. I was the only girl who drunk with four non-drinking-alcoholic-guys *all of them are my classmates who are not inured to beer or alcohol except to *I guess* AlvinS*… And ako pa taga-tagay .. kamusta naman yun?! I ram down some angels, remove their haylo, replace it with horns, even give them an evil fork then teach them how to laugh like me, a devil… wahahaha... While we were drinking, we also had sound tripping and played card game – losers would pay the winner by letting him write/draw something on his face. I lost twice so I got two sketches on my face. Like what my MIND says, *sabi ko na nga baa!!!! Sheeettt!!!* 3 bonggacious bottles are not enough *kay Alvin pa lang! isama pa ko! Sus! Sabi ko na!!!!*!!! Walang ka-amats amats… ako na nga tanggera, 1st tagay, and last tagay, tapos sila pa nauna matulog sa ken… Girly guys kung uminom… Ang babait… di sanay sa alak… Yup! yup! yup!

Luck still with you girls out there, living non-alcoholic-man are endangered, feel free to grab my classmates okaaayyy!!!!!! *kidding*

*look my pics at friendster or click here from my multiply album..^_^*
Friday, October 6, 2006

A 3-day HAPPYning (part 1)

A 3-Day HAPPYning (part 1)

As I have said at my ‘pause blogging’ post, I’ll tell you what happened to me last September about some of my wicked days or gimmick days… This happened between three consecutive days… I will use my diary-style of writing in this story.
*background music: Pasubali by Sponge Cola*
Here we go…

September 8, 2006
SC’s album launch

Although I finish my intern already and completed 520 hours of struggling, rushing, studying, laughing… etc, and boring days, I still have to go and visit my boss and of course Robert for his last day of work. But that’s not my real reason why I need to step my feet out from our house, but instead I wanted to attend Sponge Cola’s album launch.

Bago ako pumunta sa intern-site kung saan ako natapos, dumaan muna ko sa Glorietta para bumili ng pasalubong. Eh tinatamad na ko bumaba, so naghanap na lang ako na mabibilhan on the way. Nakita ko yung isang shop na bilihan ng cake *di ko na sasabihin yung name ng shop*, ayun bumili ako ng dalawang boxes, yung isa para sa katabi naming section – for Sir Jing, Sir Nep, and Sir Mond – at yung isa para sa mga boss ko naman, sa section namin.

I arrived there nearly 4pm, greeted everyone same as they did and was so excited to see them again, gave them the cakes and talked for a while. When one of my bosses was not around, I quickly dialed my classmates’ number – she’s my buddy whenever I wanted to relax – and that is to attend gigs. We’ll see each other at the mall and she told me that she would bring someone.

The album launch should start at 7pm, but unfortunately *nakakainis* they can’t make it because of the rain so they moved it to 9pm. Pagkatapos ng mahabang pakikipagsapalaran sa ulan, we all got there safely naman, yun nga lang medyo basa. Since, di pa naguumpisa ang kasiyahan, we ate our dinner muna syempre. After that, rakrakan na!!!

Wooohooo!!! Woohooo!!! – grabe sigaw ako ng sigaw, and umaambon pa non pero nasa gitna na kami tapos nakapayong. The event is aired live at 97.1 LSFM, featuring sponge cola as the rocket launcher *oha!*. The band’s friends and family was there, of course their special someone was there too to support their album. Actually, nandun si papa Yani *wow papa hehehe jowk lang* - older bro ni yael – speaking of the vocalist, I saw her girlfriend holding a bottle of beer beside the stage. Just a little trivia, she’s the courtside reporter of ADMU at UAAP basketball game and she appeared in the video of Yakap sa Dilim by Sugrafree and commercial of Sunsilk “Girls Get It!”. The crowd was nice, well kung okay yung audience pano pa kaya yung performers.. astig sila. I can’t think of exact words to describe the whole launch – maybe the word ASTIG would bring it on. The band played couple of songs from their new album and some songs form their first album. The opening song is a combination of the songs from the first album, ang ganda non. Then, the 5 wrap up songs was great *naging 5 yun kasi humihirit pa kami*, yung Nakapagtataka lupit non, and as unexpected the version of Jeepney with beatboxing by Carlo mix together with the rock version of the Yael blended with advanced rock and roll gestures and ass kicking was simply the best. I told my buddy na kahit na di pa tapos basta 10 uwi na ko, wala! Di ko nasunod.. I really enjoyed it a lot, and I can’t afford to miss a song from them, sayang… I did not buy the cd yet because the band ended the singing at already 11pm and after non, autograph signing pa. I needed to go home that time, no, I wanted to go home that time kasi naman di ako nagpaalam. Kung bibili na ko ng cd, di ko rin mapapasign kaya next time na lang, sa event na may signing ng autograph na hindi late ang oras. ^_^

Of course, di pa doon nagtatapos ang araw ko. Pagdating ko, pinagalitan ako, malamang. Hmm… ayun.

Continuation next post….

*pasensya na, medyo magulo kwento ko, inaantok na kasi ako.. hehehe…*
i watched sponge cola's rockin' performance at ever recto kanina with my lovely classmates.. *yuck lovely* .. ayun ang saya saya!! wehehe!!! kaso bad trip lang, ang tagal nila dumating... 4pm nakalagay dun sa poster, but they arrived at 5pm... and we're there already at 3:45... napaisip tuloy ako kanina, is my time waiting worth for a band that only sang 6 songs? and remembering the impact of class in our philosophy last wednesday, my mind caught a freakin' question: what am i doing there? is it worth my time? ... and fortunately, nasagot ko naman yung mga tanong ko na yon habang hinihintay ko rin mag-umpisa yung program. Simple lang pala. I want it. IMO you cant regret a decision if the decision you made made you satisfied and wanting a decision is what worth doing. Kapag nag-isip ka kung anong gagawin mo, desisyon yon.
Although di ko masyado makita yung stage with the band kanina, I enjoyed it a lot kasi naririnig ko naman ng live, sumusulyap sulyap ako, and totally had fun by the fact that I was with my friends. wwooohhoo!!!
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

PLAY blogging...

oh yeah.. I'm alive!!!
Shit! Namiss ko tong blog ko!! Namiss ko rin syempre yung mga nagvivisit dito *kahit wala naman*…. Wehehe… at last, after 48 years, 11.5 months, 256 days, 1728 hours, 12897876 minutes, and millions of seconds *wait lang, baka magcompute ka, hula ko lang yung mga numbers na yan – a message of avoidness about math-ek-eklavou* makakapagpost na rin ako… at… wag ka ng magtanong pa! hehehe…. Ayun, maa-update ko na rin mga happenings that just happened when I was out of my blogging days.

A very warm thanks *and dozen of hugs of course* to Alvin I. Sabrine for merely visiting this blog when he has nothing to search for or when he sits for an internet but then realize suddenly that he is lost. >_< A very long apology for those who have waited patiently for my blog updates *pare, eto na! sensya na talaga!*, wala eh binagyo eh.

Apparently, I can’t post any long short stories *long short, understandable or what – it’s grammar effectiveness not grammar accurateness* because of my unbelievably sched, and a very sluggish network I’m using but the fact that I can interact with my blog again is a good sign right? *for me* .. I’ll be posting a couple of my adventures *huwow kamusta naman yun* and articles I’ve read from whatever paper my hands picked up *wahehe naiisip ko yun* fun moments, exhausted days, dengue false alarm, etcetera etcetera.

So there… ay oo nga pala gumagana na yung ‘cross posting’ thing between multiply and blogger, I was surprised when my message before this post was posted in multiply behind the fact that I created that message in blogger. Ayun. Yun lang po. Till my next post.. I’m currently reading a very nice romantic-shitty *not the one you’re thinking* story from an LJ and I’m telling you it’s a good one!!! Hmm… pag iisipan ko pa kung ilalagay ko yung site dito para mabasa nyo rin… kasi I guess endorsing a site that includes original personal stories without the concern of the owner might kill me without notice.. hehe..

See you on my next post.. if I can see you..
Saturday, September 16, 2006

pause blogging...

due to technical problem *punyetang monitor* ... di po muna ko makakapost..
pasensya na sa mga nagbabasa ng blog ko.. wehehe kala mo meron eh noh... sayang dami pa naman ako ipopost.. yung sa album launch ng sponge cola, yung sa tagaytay.. yung process ng enrollment na kunyari online... taeh yun... basta.. papagawa ko pa monitor namin... yung number ng tehnician di ko pa natatawagan nahihiya kasi ako... whehehe.. walang pakialamanan...

pause ko muna to... siguro 2 weeks from now okay na.. sana.. hehe... see yah on my 2nd term!!! asteeg!!!
Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm still alive! ^_^

Hi peeps! and to whoever reading this post..

Special mention to Ms. Honelyn dela Cruz and Mr. Glenn Cablas *naks may ganun!*
Thanks for reading my non-sense blog... *hekhek*
Sa wakas may nagbasa rin!!! hehehe...
*background music : Gemini*

By the way, I just made an account in multiply and up to this time, I’m still uploading contents, I have transferred all my posts or for simpler word 'cross-posted' this blogger to my multiply blog... you can find all of my posts here there...

As what I understand in the cross-posting thing, *haha! I’m ignorant* is that when i post a message in my multiply account enabling the cross-posting in my blogger, the message should be posted in my blog at blogger too. Unfortunately, it didn't happen.. It only makes me sick... T_T

I’m still thinking whether to delete this blog since I have my multiply blog already or to continue in this site. I am observing the difference of the two blog-hosting-sites. I viewed my multiply blog not so often unlike this blog. As you can see, my posts are archived monthly, if my blog is huge it takes time to view the whole page… I experienced this because I am reading someone's blog before but now I can't view it anymore, it makes my pc hang every time I attempt to. At my multiply blog, my posts are placed on a single page… yes. I think… I focused on the 'cross-posting' thing without realizing what it should look like.

I’m still fixing it... if you want to view it just click here.
Comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Last Saturday, we watched a few theatrical play performed by students taking a LITERAT class this term - their presentation for the finals. I finished five different stories, and it's quite worth my time to stay 5 hours… Honestly, I didn't like the first two presentations. No props, only costumes, poor delivery of lines, I don't want to say it sucks… but it is! >_< *hehe bad girl*

Just kidding!!! Their effort really matters.

Third one was the best... yeah. Simply the best. I think it's an original story written by one of the members of the group and YFC… it is related in having faith in God… or should I say it’s all about that…

A ten-times-standing-ovation performance… *naks* Congrats dudes for a great and an inspiring play... a-must-grade-of-4.0! *check me on that!*

Next one is the group of.. *don't want to mention names*.. uhm.. I don't want to criticize it specifically.. But I should say it's a good enough..

Last one in which the story was performed already by our group last last term, a comedy play 'Wanted a Muchacho'. Originally, the set up of the story is on a classically-elegant house with respectable characters... instead of following the same set up, they performed it with a twist… Nope. They didn’t change the lines nor the story itself, only the set-up – they did the ‘Mutyas Gracias’ style *from Bubble Gang* wherein they dressed and live like ‘taong grasa’. Haha! Asteeg! I noticed that their problem is on how to throw a dialogue but in overall performance it was good and they made the audience giggling-while-laughing-out-loud. Deserve to have a 4.0 grade. Huwow!!! Hehe… The one in the pic was our group performing the same play.

So there. Hi to my pare, dethdeth, menggay, to all sc listers, my classmates and berks *you know who you are*, my sis! Uhm… Happy birthday to my cousin michelle *tomorrow*… who else? My tatay! And to all people who know me… hehehe… ^_^ luv you!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Confession of a Student *chapter 6*

Anong Grade ko?!

2 students were sitting on a bench beside the walkway...
vacant : ui pare. buti na lang wala si sir ngayon noh?
noclass : oo nga pare.. wala rin tayo magawa..
(saw a girl walking)
noclass : ui pare cute nung babae oh...
vacant : oo nga... 1.50 sya saken... puti eh... hmm..
noclass : oh sige bigyan natin sila ng grade...
vacant : okay. go!
noclass : eto pare. yung naglalakad. yung naka-uniform. yung nakaipit.
vacant : san pare? daming naglalakad. dami nakauniform. sino dyan? eh puro bakla yan!!
noclass : oo nga! yung nakaipit yung ano!! wahahaha!!!!
vacant : wahaha!! flat yun! 1.0!! wahaha!!!
noclass : oh eto. yung nakatakong. mahaba yung hair. hmm.. kaso di sya maputi.. 1.5 sya saken... black beauty eh..
vacant : hmm.. 1.75 sa mga black beauty..
noclass : etong nakapusod yung buhok. oh tingnan mo naman ang mata itim na itim.. pati kuko..
ayos sa burloloy.. laki ng butas ng tenga, itim pa rin yung hikaw.. at ang sapatos, converse na pink! oha.. nakapalda tapos naka rubber shoes.
vacant : oo nga pare.. punkista yan.. tingnan mo naman parang di naliligo..
noclass : pero magaling sya pumorma!!! astig! gusto ko!! hehe... 1.75!!
vacant : hindi! 2.25!!!
noclass : huwow pare!! tangkad oh! kinis! aw... tingnan mo lang yung katawan wag ka titingin sa mukha..
vacant : bakit pare... wow ulam na ulam.. uno na yan!
noclass : 2.50 sa ken...
vacant : bakit naman?
noclass : di ko type yung mukha... parang galing zoo... hehe..
vacant : sama mo naman pare... bigyan na natin ng 5.0.. hehe..
noclass : eto pare. sayang ang ganda kaso di pala ayos.
vacant : oo nga. ang gara magdala ng damit. pero sige 2.0 sya.
noclass : i agree.
vacant : eto parang nerd.. yung nakasalamin.. sa lahat ata ng subjects nito puro unat ang grades..
noclass : oo nga pare.. mukang sa grading lang ata natin sya babagsak ah..
vacant : ayokong mambagsak kaya 3.0 na lang...
noclass : eh etong susunod, nasobrahan naman sa ayos.. parang semento yung mukha... pwede ka ng mag-ukit ng mukha mo sa mukha nya eh..
vacant : oo nga noh.. hehe.. 2.75! maganda sya, maayos pumorma, maayos magdala, kaso yung pagdadala nya mukhang mabigat dahil sa kapal ng make-up nya... hehe..
noclass : same here!!! *isang kasa.. apir*

(sa di kalayuan)
study : sis.. 1.5 yun saken, ang gwapo! hay...
well : 1.25 sya saken.. kamukha nya si papa jonas villanueva! galing galing pa magdala..
study : oh! sister! aasawahin ko na yan!
well : sorry ka! natutulog na sa bahay namin yan!! wahaha! *apir*
study : mukhang lahat na ata na-rankingan na natin ah... ah! eto sis! yung katabi nating bench!! wee! ayun oh yung dalawang guys!!!
well : oo nga.. hmm.. di ko makita yung mukha eh!
study : mukha naman silang cute.. tingnan mo yung gupit ng buhok... ang ganda! ang linis..astig!
well : may point ka sis! uno yan!!! yiiee!! *kiligs*
study : lapitan mo sis.. bilis..
well : wag na kakahiya.. sana tumingin satin..girl power! power up!!!

vacant : *kaway* hi! *smile ng malufet*
noclass : *kaway* pare cucute nila... 1.5! wahehe!

study : aw.. sis.. kumakaway sila... aw..
well : sis.. nakikita mo ba?
study : oo sis...
study & well : waaa!! mukhang mongoloids! 3.0! waaa!!!! sana naging likod na lng sila!! waaa!!!

+ : "Watevr hapens 2 ur day, jst relax & manage 2make a smyl, LIFE is not a problem 2b solved, bt a gft 2 enjoyd. Mke evryday ur 'BESTDAY!' gudpm :)" (forward message to *)
* : "Hu u?" (replied txt message to +)
+ : "hi! wud u b my txtm8?"
* : "wer did u get my number?"
+ : "frm a friend."
* : "hus friend? kila2 ko ba? wat name?"
+ : "basta... wla lng un.. asl pls"
* : "cno nga munang friend yun?"
+ : "c alfred."
* : "sorry wla ko kila2ng alfred... x send ka ata..."
+ : "ndi joke lng.. hinulaan ko lng tlga no. u"
+ : "oh bkt di na u reply"
+ : "hi."
+ : "hi."
+ : "hi!!!! ^_^"
+ : "buhay ka pa?"
* : "yup. hindi ka na mabu2hay kung mgttxt k p"
+ : -scared- >_< -threat-


+ : "Watevr hapens 2 ur day, jst relax & manage 2make a smyl, LIFE is not a problem 2b solved, bt a gft 2 enjoyd. Mke evryday ur 'BESTDAY!' gudpm :)" (forward message to *)
* : "hmm? cn u b my txtm8?"
+ : "aw. inunahan mo na ko. okie. nasl?"
* : "cathy 18 f qc.. u?
+ : "20 m mla... jasper .. nice 2 mit u... still studying?"
* : "yup. sa Baste. nursing. 2nd yr na ko. ikw?"
+ : "4th yr. sa FEU. nursing din."
* : "ah.. may gf k n b? ako kc wla ko bf eh. kw."
+ : "ha?! ah eh wla rin akong bf... jowk.. wla aq gf."
* : "gnun b. nandyan k b s skul mo? mit tau"
+ : "ha? ambilis nmn.. ok go!"
* : "puntahan kita jan s skul mo. s g8 4. dun s mgndng bldg. ok ba? ngayun na ha."
+ : "ha? ngyun na? eh kc ano eh.. ah eh... ano... ok game! nand2 n ko!"
* : "d2 n rin ako. san k?"
+ : "ung nka white na uni4m"
* : "sino dun? dami nyo eh"

-meet eye 2 eye-
* : hi!!! kaw c jasper? yung katext ko and kameet ko ngaun?
+ : ( ano ba nasa hospital ba ko? mukang pasyente tong nasa harap ko eh) ah eh..
* : ano ba? ako to! c cathy ..cute mo pala!! (laughing out loud)
+ : ha? miss.. sorry ha... hindi ako un! (nakita mga clsm8s) oi! mga fafa! chuvaness eklavou! chenes kayo nagpunta? chidi nyo ko sinama!
* : -pissed off- aw.

text again:
* : "ui san k na?"
+ : ha? wrong send pla ko knina! ahaha! di ako nkikipgtxtm8 sa di ko kla2 eh.. xenxa na..."
* : -ppiiissseedddd offffff-


+ : "Watevr hapens 2 ur day, jst relax & manage 2make a smyl, LIFE is not a problem 2b solved, bt a gft 2 enjoyd. Mke evryday ur 'BESTDAY!' gudpm :)" (forward message to *)
+ : "hi! wud u b my txtm8?"
* : "hu u?"
+ : "i'm jasper. & u?"
* : "pano u nlaman no. ko?"
+ : "hula lng."
* : "ah ok."
+ : "asl mo?"
* : "37 f pasay..."
+ : "di nga! 37 ka na?"
* : "ndi. hula lng."
+ : -awts-
Tuesday, August 15, 2006


13:47, I'm sitting on an office chair.. sitting straight and comfortable….
Robert is singing 'wherever you will go'..while I'm typing nonsense...
Right now I'm using Solaris 9 Operating System in this computer, because I'm sitting in front of one of the servers and usually operating systems used in a server are not so familiar, not common... those operating systems that are rarely known by people so that they have no idea on how to access it. Lucky me, I have basic knowledge about the environment in this fucking server; I can crash this one anytime I like! but hell like I'm doing that, it won't give me any allowance.. Yup! it's my internship this term and unfortunately *you've read it right!* "UNFORTUNATELY", I'm having my intern at this company *too much exposure for them if I name it, clue: it's one of the biggest company in the country, and probably you're using their product right now*... yeah, such huge company doesn't offer suitable training for us.. not a big issue right?
Students work as a trainee to complete the hours required to finish their term or sem, and what not? not even thinking if the work they are doing is related to what course they're taking - now I’m hitting a bullshit.

the assistant of our supervisor goes to the other side of the office with Robert, while I..
I'm still sitting here, looking at my side every second, and avoiding my boss to catch what I'm doing. I can see his reflection in the computer beside this at my left side... he's busy with his terminal, checking his mails in the Outlook, answering his calls, yawning, he's not even aware that I exist... doing the most basic work of all... the work of NOTHING. Silence surrounds on my left while noise comprises on my right... *awww! Just got an invitation of having a picture taking from the section head on my right side, tss.. what the, they're disturbing me, I refuse to, so what?*...

June is here. She's sitting beside Robert.. oh yah, Robert and ma'am are back. Shit! they're back. My ears are open from both sides, I can hear everyting though I'm doing something - typing.
*interrupted by June to eat merienda*

I'm back from canteen.. who cares anyway, no one knows I took my break to eat except Robert not even my boss nor my lady boss. Ahuh, I don't ask permissions to feed myself, I'm maybe not giving respect but as if they give me one. No I'm not used to give disrespect to anyone, I just don't want to disturb them, they're too busy to hear my thing, so I do it instead of waiting them to finish their work - I guess that would take until non-working hours.

I ate... uhm... I wonder what the name of that food was... I think it's sweetened banana and camote.. "saging con camote y junie" as what June called it. Tastes good but it doesn't satisfy the devil on me, nor the angel if I have one. *Did I say angel? I doubt it….*

Now my sir keep on walking back and forth at my back, bumping my hair with his jacket, does he care bout that? I bet a million - he won't say sorry…
June's sitting beside me... reading newspaper from MRT, reading the entertainment section... she just interrupted me a while ago to read what I’m typing. Though I told her to get out in here, she just laughs and keep on asking. She already read this.

I'm tired… I want to go home… I don't want to step my foot here anymore… but what can I do? I'm just a stupid student who must follow rules in order to finish my studies… and get good grades… it's
here now, my whole day was boring...

Shit! *laughs with June* ... booorrriiinnngggg..... o_O

look our pics...
mukha kaming mongoloids... wakoko....
enjoy!!! *baka mabadtrip ka lang kaya wag mo ng tingnan*
kulit noh?!?!? waheheh...

INTERNS @ PLDT, makati ... 1st term (june 5 - sept. 2)
madadagdagan pa yan... wahehhe...
Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Confession of a Student *chapter4*


I attended an outreach program last Saturday, a project of SAVC wherein we would play and feed street children, or those who are in need. We went to PICC and gather along them near the biking area. Though the rain drops, the show must go on!

At first we played some games, sang some songs and do a lot of fun activities, I was amazed with them for the energy and being active… oo! As in active!!! I saw that they like interacting to other people, they love to learn new things and meet friends – they were all so friendly. Most of them are at the ages of 10 – 13.

After a little story telling and charade, its feeding time!!! *^_^*… So sad, I wasn’t able to give a plate or drinks to them because I’m guarding my buddies/classmates stuffs… *eerrr*… I sat in the back and tried to play the guitar. Young ones in front of me keep on asking and smiling at me while eating and listening to whatever chords I play.

“Ate, marunong ka mag-gitara?”

“Hindi eh… Konti lang…” , I answered.

“Ah.. ako rin eh..”.

I was talking to a 13-yr old girl, she’s holding her plate and eating spaghetti *yum yum*. As I continue playing guitar, I saw the straw of her drink beside her, placed in the cement floor where she was sitting. I hurriedly pick it up, wipe it clean and place it over her drink.

“Thank you po”, she said.

I just gave her a feedback smile.

After a while Sarah *eow* sat beside me and begin to talk.

“Eto, di man lang mamigay ng pagkain oh!”

“Oh, ikaw magbantay dito, ako mamimigay…”, *hehe*

“Ay may bata dun oh *pointing to a little child* ayun oh! Binigyan ko ng pagkain, yung spaghetti tapos sabi ko ‘Kain ka na’… sabi nya ‘Iuuwi ko na lang to kay mama ko, kawawa naman yun baka di pa sya kumain’…. Ewan ko kung kinain nya yun.

“Oh? Sinabi nya yun?” I asked.


“Awww….” >> touched! * T_T *

Really… really… Nakakaano yung sinabi nung bata… Nakakatouch.

Looking at them, I feel the warmth of their love to their family, although they are small they know how to care, and they choose to give what they have to their family instead of giving it to themselves… how touching!!!! * nakakaiyak naman….. T_T *

I just suddenly thought, why other family broke up though they have all luxury can offer. They eat complete meals everyday or should I say they can eat anytime they want but they can’t keep the bond of the family. I think most of them are from the middle class and above, or those who “have” the gold and the silver. But look at those who have nothing, those children who have nothing, listen to what they say, you’ll feel the bond of their family. Even though they have nothing eat nor house to shelter, still they keep in touch and never give up. That is what you call a family who loves each other, stays together…*aw*…

Sunday, July 23, 2006

a Sin.... a Gift...


a Sin, a Gift.

It’s been a long time since we’ve shared our moments together as one family. Those are the days that I still keep on my head until now that I’m away from mommy and daddy.

I remember the days when they don’t have me yet, when they spend most of their time together. Watching movies, hugging each other, saying ‘I love you’ until all the things around comprises their love. They were both happy and enjoying what teen lives can offer. I was so happy too seeing the love they shared and was very excited to feel that love from them. I can’t wait for so long to meet them, I even ask Him to make it early just to meet my mom and dad.

Their love became stronger as time passed by, became passionate, and more often did what’s beyond their limitation. They can’t help it. They can’t control it anymore. Their love caused an early sin, an early gift. So I came.

Six weeks I live with mommy before she realized that I am with her. When the time that she knew her self-pregnancy-test result, her nerves run through mine. I felt the coldness and fear passed within me for the first time. I was afraid like mommy. She was crying and I watched her as she did so for that was the only thing I can do in that time. Then she held me close to her, I was relieved.

Mommy told daddy that I am with her. Daddy got angry. They fought each other and they made a long fight that I myself got bored. I felt asleep in the middle of it. I was awakened hearing dad’s words to mom, “Don’t worry. It’s okay. I still love you”. He was hugging her while holding me. That was the most precious moment of my life.

Weeks after weeks, things just have gotten better and better. I thought things would be okay until the first day mommy will hold my hands, but I was wrong. All of my future imaginations are gone when I reached my 4th month.

Mom went to dad’s home to have a visit, also to tell grandma and grandpa that I am coming. A letter was given to mommy when we arrive there. Grandma and grandpa told my mom that my dad left that letter for her. Mom opened it, and she read it slowly..


I can’t.

I’m sorry.

Mom couldn’t believe for what she has read. She sat there for a couple of minutes, holding the letter, reading it over and over again, until she realized it was wet by her teardrops. Dad was gone. She stood and ran away from the door leaving my grandpa and grandma without a word or two. She ran as fast as she can. She drew thousand of tears while running and I… I was so scared. I hold to mom as tight as I can while trying to stop her, but she can’t hear me nor she didn’t notice me at all. As she continued to run, my home which protects me is starting to shatter, I still hold on. After a minute, blood was running through me and trying to carry me away from my grip, I was so scared that my grip becomes tighter. Suddenly, mom stopped and felt my existence at last. She was in a harsh pain, so am I. After a few moments, we were on a hospital. Mister Doctor and Miss Nurse rushed us to a room full of lights and machines, it’s an emergency room. Mom was hardly bleeding and I can barely breath. I seek for an air but there was none, I heard mom’s calling me… “Baby!!”… I hold to mom once more, searching for some air to breathe. Suddenly, my grip becomes lighter then I realized that blood is carrying me away, I can’t help it anymore. I saw light when I slipped out from her, for the first time I saw my mom’s face, she was like me. “Baby!!” she said. I was so happy that time, she was crying, I can’t feel my body… I look to her for the last time then… I felt to asleep.

I wrote this journal as our editorial clip in our newsletter when I was in my first year college...
I was inspired by one of the students who wrote in the official newsletter of FEU *I love reading newsletter from school, especially those articles wrote by students - lupet!... and I admire their cartoonist... galing! \m/* about the merging of FEU and EAC. The whole article was not pointing directly about that issue but he mentioned it anyway, so I wrote this one.


Reading newspaper is what I always do during my past time, of course to increase the knowledge treasured in my empty head brought by my genius professors who act differently during class. I’m really inspired by those writers who mostly and specially the students of Far Eastern University who create a masterpiece of article, should I say. Students like us react emotionally and violently through writings especially when we’re studying in a school that demands a high tuition g\fees yet call by the other schools as jologs. No, this editorial is not made against the faculty, the process of enrollment or whatever FEU students hate.

I was sitting on a chair in THB 2nd floor study area when one of my classmates gave me the latest copy of the official students publication of FEU and told me to read the article written by a student named H.C. ‘I’m a very jealous type of person and it really bothers me a lot to see blue pants students use the new building (Engineering Annex)’ – his introductory sentence that made my eyebrow move up. Although the whole article was about what they experienced studying in FEU but he totally pointed a shot. I know he’s only giving his opinion and I really appreciate that, and that’s what I’m doing right now.

Let’s face the truth that some of the tamaraws hate seeing blue students walking and hanging around their green campus. Different issues were talked about after that merging. They just don’t know that because of that, the level or standard of teaching in the university was being climbed up. They don’t know that the name of the university was brought popularity not just by the sports and medicine field, but also in the field of technology and engineering. They don’t know what trials they faced having a trimester basis to produce an excellent high quality student from the campus. They don’t know the very strict policies being run in both colleges to build the students’ strong self-discipline and maintain the aura of the pupils and the building. In fact, they were the model students who deserve a lot. Others just can’t accept the fact that blue pants are better than them, trying not to look in the brains but it’s the attitude and discipline that counts.

Yup, it’s the color discrepancy. Green and blue is not a good color combination, they say, why they can’t accept each other and treat them right? The campus must have united students, right? Having a parochial mind cannot help us reach the top.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Confession of a Student *chapter3*




^_~ : “Oh Recto! Recto!!” *tango sa babae para sumakay*

* Andar… Hinto…. Tawag pasahero….*

* Tawag pasahero… Andar… Hinto….. hinto…. Hintoooo….*

O_o : “Anu ba yan, puno na nga eh, nagtatawag pa..”

O_o : “Pahinto hinto naman si Manong… awwww…”

O_o : “Petsa na Manong…. 48 years…” *asar na..*

*Andar…. Hinto… Andar… hinto… hinto…hintoooo…*

O_o : “Ahuhuhu…. Bagal ng jeep…” *mangiyak ngiyak”

O_o : “Late na ko… potek!!! Ang aga aga ko sumakay dito tapos…” *asar na talaga*

O_o : “Asaarrr… Pinagdadasal pa naman pag late sa klase…. Kupad ng jeep na to… Dapat pala naglakad na lang ako…. Ahuhuhu…. Ano kaya magandang prayer?? … Manong kasi eh….” *super late… asar… inis… sarap magmura…*


*Andar.. ‘Kahit sulyap lang darna’… tugtog… ‘kelangan pa bang imemorize yannnnn… bisyo na toh’ ….andar……..*

^_^ : *para jeep* “Ayos to may tugtog!”

* tugtog… tugs.. tak…tutugs.. tutugs..tak…tugtugs.. tak… tugstak… beat..beat..beat… let’s get it on… yeah…ow… TUGTOG*

*Andar….eeennngg…tugtog na malupit… yeh.. yeh… yehh… andaarrrr*

^_^ : “Bayad po..” *abot bayad*

^_~ : “San to?”

^_^ : “Recto po..”

^_~ : “San? Kanto? Saang kanto?

^_^ : “Recto po Manong! .. Recto!”

^_~ : “Ilan tong Recto?”

^_^ : “Isa lang po yan… estudyante”

^_~ : “Oh sukli nung Recto…” *abot sukli*

^_^ : “Manong kulang po… isa lang po yun…”

^_^ : “Manong….”

C_c : “Manong sukli daw… kulang…”

^_~ : “Ano? Kulang?! Magkano?”

*tugtog…. Sabihin mo lang.. kung anong gusto mo… tugtog… oohh.. wwoohhoo*

^_^ : “Manong….”

^_^ : “Manong estudyante lang po yung recto.. isa…”

^_^ : “MANONG…”

^_^ : “MANONG TUGTOG NYO!!! SUKLI KO!!! *kakainis!!!*


^_^ : “Namaaann…. Late na ko…. Ayun!!!! *pumara ng jeep*

*sakay jeep….*

^_^ : “mmmm….”

*andar…eennggg…eeeenngg..zzzzooooommmmm….eennggg….wooossshhhhh…. hinto…andar…zzzzooommmm…wooosshhh…. Andar…andar….*

^_^ : “Ow…*hawak sa safety handle*”

^_^ : “Hmmp.. Hair ko… * hawak hair para di magulo*”

^_^ : *Hawak buhok… suklay ng daliri…. Shiyet.. buhol na hair ko.. hangin*

^_^ : *Di makatulog sa bilis ng jeep….*

*eeennggg… woooossshhhh.. zzzoooommm… eeeennnnnnnnggggggg……..*

^_^ : “ Ayos! Nakarating din!! Buti na lang umabot ako!!! Wahehehe… aga ko!!! Bilis n i manong!!!!”

* Sa room…. nakatingin lahat sa ken*

$_$ : “Miss Domingo, mahangin bas a labas?”

^_^ : “Ahuhu… yayabang nyooo…. T_T *


Voice over : “Iwasan po ang umapak sa dilaw na linya……”

*Tssssstttt…. <<<>

^_^ : “*Hmp.. hmp… siksik…siksik….hmp….siksik…*

^_^ : “Whew! Init! *hawak sa handle…sandal sa kabilang pinto… nakatayo…*

Voice over : “Ingatan lang po ang mga gamit…iwasan po ang sumandal sa magkabilang pinto ng tren…”

^_^ : “Wala kong narinig.”

*Tssssttttt…. D.Jose station….*

^_^ : “Hmp…excuse po…excuse…*siksik siksik*… padaan muna…waaaahhh…teka teka… may bababa pa… teka excuse……*tttiiiiiiittt…tttoootttt….. *doors closed*”


*Tsssstttt……… Carriedo……*

* Nag-give way yung mga tao sa loob ng tren… natakot ata sa sinabi ko…*

^_^ : “Ang aarte kasi eh… * asarr*”


^_^ : “Ayos! Nakaupo ako!!!”

O_O : “Yaahhh…”

U_U : “You know what?! I don’t know…”

O_O : “Really? I thought we’re having the same..”

^_^ : “Uhm…*wala lang..nakikinig kunyari*”

O_O : “Yaahhh… we have the same boyfriend..”

U_U : “What you say?!”

O_O : “ I say you what!!”

^_^ : “Aww… eh.. nu daw???”

^_^ : “ *sigh*”

^_^ : “duuhhh… whatever!! Well!!! Chuvaness!! Chukchakcheness!!! Eklavou!!.... in short … Nu daw?”


^_^ , O_o ------- ako kunyari

^_~ ------- driver

O_O , U_U , $_$ -------- people around me....

ENJOY!!! \m/

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