Sunday, June 25, 2006

Questionable Question II

I got this question from June and Janice, and eventually they got this from our other batch mates. According to them, this is from an interview question and was asked to one of the interns who passed in a reputable company which is an industry partner of our university/college. And it goes a little something like this:

Nagda-drive ka ng sasakyan and you’re heading a very dangerous road, as in mapanganib! After you passed that road, you’ll be safe. Now, while you’re driving along that road unexpectedly you see three people walking same as the direction you’re tracking. One is your girlfriend/boyfriend, second is your bestfriend, and third is an old woman/man as in matanda. The question is…

Sino sa kanilang tatlo ang pasasakayin mo sa sasakyan mo na dalawa lang ang kayang isakay para iligtas?”

ooppsss... answer it first by yourself please, before you scroll this post..
















oh what na po answer nyo?

pwede paki post as comment here yung answer nyo before mo scroll...

cheating is a major offense... so dont cheat yourself dude... this is not a classroom... this is not an exam... hehehe...

I find the answer is so simple but touching and sweet… Yup! May tamang sagot dyan, and after the interviewee answered the question, the interviewer/s let them know what is the best answer.

And the answer is:

Bumaba ka ng sasakyan mo.

Pasakayin mo yung matanda and yung bestfriend mo.

Tapos, maglakad kayo ng girlfriend/boyfriend mo.

Kung tuloy tuloy ka pa rin mag-isip, malamang maitanong mo “pano kung di marunong magdrive yung dalawang pinasakay mo?”… well, isa lang masasabi ko sayo… ay! Ganda ng IQ!!! Hehe…

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Confession of a Student *Chapter 2*

- The Alarm -

My class starts at 7 in the morning. I get up at 5 AM. Depart at 6. One hour trip. Two hours every subject. Four subjects in a day. Two hours lunch break. Go home at 5, sometimes 6 or 8 pm. Yup. It’s a bit stressful but fun.


My alarm is set at 4:30 am.

“4:30… aga pa.. 15 mins pa…”

“4:45.. inaantok pa ko… bzzz…”

“5:00 … haayyy… zzzz.. ngork…”

“5:30… shit! Asaarr… late na ko… inaantok pa ko… *yawn*”

My alarm is set at 3:00 am.

“3:00… haayyy… sandali 15 mins pa….”

“3:30… naku… inaantok pa ko pero sige na nga… kelangan magreview eh…”

“Reviewing… calculating… reviewing… analyzing… reviewing… sleeping..”

“4:30… hmp! Hala kalahati palang pala narereview ko, nakatulog pala ko…”

“5:30… sa sasakyan ko na lang continue toh.. ligo na ko…”

“6:15…*riding a jeepney on the way to school*… sleeping…”

“6:40… manong bayad po.. estudyante… review muna…”

“7:00… still reading my reviewer while walking in school…”

My alarm is not set.

“5:15… hmm… nu oras na? hmp…*higa ulet*

“5:45… liwanag na.. naku… late na ko…”

“5:47… hmp! Anong araw ba ngayon?...hmm… Sabado! Walang pasok! Waaa!”

When I was in my elementary years, I hate going to school. I cried a lot. A lot. I always look for my mother. I wanted her to be always near me, even inside the room. When the class started, she stares me from outside the school. She put herself in a place where I can see her from my seat because I’m sitting near the window of our classroom. When our teacher caught my attention for just a while and then looking back to where my mother stands and finding out she’s not there anymore, I started to cry. I was so shy then that I was crying the whole class hours or often getting into sleep because of it. I don’t want my classmates. I don’t want my teacher. I don’t want going to school.

I sleep with my mother beside me in those days. The alarm was set near my head or ear, or just put near us where we can reach it easily. Everytime I woke up early and realizing that I woke up before the alarm beeps, I slowly turn it off then go back to sleep again. A while after, we all woke up late. I didn’t have to go to school because the clock didn’t alarm, and even I hurried myself to dress, I’m very late. *A little technique ^_^* wakoko…

Sunday, June 18, 2006

for Dads... Happy Father's Day!

DAD's Famous Lines... ^_^

- I love you son/girl!
- Be home before midnight!
- I told you so!
- Don't answer back!
- Go for it, son/girl!
- I'm proud of you!

- He's not the right man/woman for you!
- You look better without make up!
- You don't call that music, that's noise! <<< badtrip ako dito pag sinasabi ni tatay
- Just wait until I get home!

- When I was your age...
- You're just like your mom!
- You'll always be my little girl!
- Just don't come home crying, fight back!
- you're o longer a child, stop acting like one!

- You're too young to drive my car!
- That dress is too short!
- You're grounded and I'm cutting your allowance!
- Go ask your mother!
- As they say, like father like son!


- Everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt doesn't work.
- You feel like the morning after, and you haven't bee anywhere.
- You get winded playing chess.
- You join a health club and don't go.
- Your mind makes contracts your body can't meet.
- You look forward to a dull evening at home.
- Your knees buckle and your belt won't.
- Your back goes out more that you do.
- The little gray - haired lady you help across the street is your wife.
- Medicine cabinet.
- The gleam in your eyes is from the sun hitting your bifocals.

- Your little black book contains only names ending M.D.
- Your children begin to look middle - aged.
- You decide to procastinate, but never get around to it.
- You know all the answers, but nobody asks you the questions. <<< how true!!!
- You're turning out lights for economic rather than romantic reasons.
- The best part of your day is over when the alarm goes off.
- A fortune teller offers to read your face.
- You sink your teeth in steak, and they stare there.

Manila Bulletin, Father's Day Special
June 18, 2006 - SS-3
1001 humorous Illustrations for Public Speaking

Happy Father's Day!!
Happy Father's Day to my tatay!!! you're always be my tatay ever!!!
lam mo namang takot kami sa inyo...
thanks po sa lahat...
luv po namin kau ni ate!!!
muaaahhhhuugggsss!!!! yngatz u jan!!!

Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there!! \m/
i was walking along makati from my internship site together with jay, bert, and june going home around 5:30 in the afternoon. As we trace our way to landmark, a girl passed us and already walking in front of us. She is sexy. *Yah she is!!!* She was wearing a green off shoulder blouse, and you can see her black strap lying on her left shoulder. Her hair is sexy as "kolehiyala na sosyalera ang dating".

"Kaya mo yan June?", I asked. June just gave me a laugh.

The girl was walking too fast when we realize she's three yards away from us. I cant keep my eyes looking at her outfit from her upper till lower. She's wearing a maong skirt and have this long legged with soft, smooth, white, etc... basta makinis... She's walking very sexy, not over acting but a natural sexy walk. Lupet. Then I looked at her toes. At first i thought she's wearing a very thin slippers, or a skin tone shoes like stockings but neither of them had her feet. I was shocked so as June when we saw her toes that's really dirty, she's not wearing anything on her feet. Opo! Nakatapak siyang naglalakad sa Makati with office girls and guys. i thought it was something like a Wow Mali, June and I become curious. We walked as fast as we can to overtake the girl because we wanted to see her face and when we reached landmark, she finally stopped. She's pretty. She knows how to carry her dress. She's like a model actually. But she doesnt have a pair of slippers or shoes. Actually, nakuha niya pang magtext while walking.

She hurriedly asked the saleslady in the mall where she can find girl's shoes or sandals... something like that because we saw her walk and halt in the shoes section. We're just wondering why she's walking alone in makati with a very nice outfit but without a shoe. Siguro nasira yung sandals nya. hek hek...

Well, one word for her.

ASTIG!!! \m/
Monday, June 12, 2006

I and 6cyclemind

Kathrine, Veronica, Liezl and 6cyclemind

Thanks sa hugssssss!!!

Hi! Just posting about what happened to me yesterday… di ko kasi to nalagay sa diary ko kaya here na lang sa blog since di naman to masyadong personal….

Lets start with my story… kwentong totoo na medyo barbers.. na serious… hehe..

Kahapon nung namalengke kami ni tita, eh sa Karuhatan pa yun so sumakay pa kami and dumaan sa SM val., nakita ko poster ng 6cyclemind and di ko alam na magvisit sila sa mall that day, nung time ko lang na yun nalaman… Kung nalaman ko ng mas maaga edi sana marami na naman kaming magrarakrakan or kasama ko na naman si Neri makipag-slamman.. *duh.. slamman daw ba? Liit ko kaya! hehe*

Tapos pag-uwi ko edi super text ako kay Neri… adik kasi yun sa banda eh.. *parang ako… jowks… pero mas malupit yun saken* eh kaso may swimming daw sila… Niyaya ko yung pinsan ko kaso aalis daw sila ni tita… Sinabi ko kay ate kaso walang tao sa bahay pag sinama ko siya… Tumatawag ako kay Dethdeth wala namang sumasagot so malamang pumasok yun… edi iyak ako wala akong kasama… hehe jowk lang…

Sino pa? Maraming reserba toh…. Si Kath ang sinabihan ko… kaso mahinhin yung girlash na yun di nga nya kilala 6cm… pero at least nagkita kami kasi ang tagal na naming di nagkikita.. last pa nung Feb. tagal na nun….

So there… ayun.. ang saya saya… pag kami talaga magkasama parang adik na ewan ang tambalan… eheheh… Na-meet namin 6cyclemind kaso wala si tutti, yung drummer nila, may nauwi pa ko na poster na may sign nila… pati yung album nila may sign din… 1st time ko ginawa yun… di talaga ako lumalapit sa mga celebrities, except pag nakaharap ako sa mirror.. xempre kelangan ko ng humarap sa celebrity pag ganun…. Haha!!! Tamang nood lang ako eh… since kasama ko si kath and minsan lang naman yun sinulit ko na… ayaw nga niya halikan si ney.. hehe ako rin ayaw ko… shy ako eh… hug lang ginawa ko… kaso ang badtrip dun, nung nagpapic kami ni ney.. c kath ang nag-shot.. di pala nya napindot yung cp.. huhuhu saying… pero ayus lang nakausap ko naman c papa ney.. hehehe… shy talaga ako… dami pa nakakakilala sa ken sa SM val… tapos yung outfit ko pa parang napadaan lang.. eh pano ang lapit lang sa min non…

yung mga pics shot ko yan lahat from cp ni ate... nagpalit na ng shirt si Ney kasi pawis na sya after stage performance kaya iba na yung damit nya.. baka kasi isipin nyo di orig yung pic.. hehe... and tinawag ko pa sya para tumingin sa cam para masaya... pag tapos ko sya kunan, sabi ko okay na po, tapos nag-sign din sya ng okay thumb... oh di ba feeling close.. hehe jowk... pero totoo yan... wala lang.. share ko lang... tapos marami pa nangyari with me, kat, and 6cm.. pero di ko na idedetail masyado ng OA eh... ang saya nila kasama... VOTE 4 them in SOP! yeah! \m/

Tapos di pa tapos dun.. after nung show and meeting 6cm, pinuntahan pa naming si Veron… haha! Swerte out na siya.. ayun nakipagchikahan kami… nakakamiss yung ganong moment… bihira naming talaga ginagawa yun and bihira as in kami magkita kita… pero ang saya saya… and talagang sinulit namin every topic, girl talk and everything… ang saya saya…

Thanks Kath and Veron for sharing your time with me yesterday, it was indeed a very nice moment and it was all worth it… Thank you for being there always, kahit sa simple things na I need you both, nandyan pa rin kayo… and to Neri of course for fulfilling my boring days and showing an attitude na laging game…*haha! Na-solo ko si ney pano ba yan Neri? Sayang naman!!!* Next time ibang trip naman… for sure masaya na naman yun… try daw natin sa comedy bar sabi ni kath… hehehe…

Thank you 6cyclemind.. to chuck, bob, rye, and ney… and kay tutti na rin kahit wala sya dun… Thanks Ney.. di ka suplado. Hehe… pero parang magkasing laki lang tayo… Ay nga pala!!! Para siyang nagulat na nagtaka nung nakita nya ko… familiar ba?? Haha! San? Sa UP? harapan yun eh!! Pero di ko ineexpect na makikilala nya ko… Astig yung ganung moment… Keep on rockin!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Confession of a Student ...*chapter 1*

Confession of a student *chapter1*


“Uy, Zel pakopya naman.”

“Teka lang… Ano bang number?”


“39-50?..Wait lang… Okay game… Di ako sure dito ah.”

“Sige ayos lang yan.”

“B…D…D…C… 43 wala pa…44 – C…A…A…B…E… 49 wala… 50-B. Ayos na?”

“Yep. Hanap ako sagot sa wala pa.”

“Sige tapusin ko muna to.”

My classmates and I were busy with our exam papers. A type of exam which has multiple choices with a hundred items in just an hour and a half is not enough if we didn’t study our lesson. We’re not genius. I am not. I have to study before I take an exam to have a satisfying grade. My memory is not perfect but is good enough to store a lot, but sometimes it is down for some reasons.

“Zel…Zel…” Someone’s kicking my butt from my back. I lean on my chair and sit straight.

“Tangna ne’to eh. Wag yung pwet ko. Tae to. Sandali”, I said, with a little grin on my face.

I look up to find Ms. Pakundangan where she stands. No, she is not standing. She’s walking towards me. I quickly look back to my paper, then wait.

“Shhiiiitttt….” I whispered after she walk pass in my seat. I lean back to my chair and hold my paper up as if thinking what to answer.

“Ten minutes.”, Ms. Pakundangan reminded the class.

“Hala! Maaaaammm… Extend pa po..”

“Finalize your answer.”

Ten questions left unanswered in my paper. “Assaarr.. ang bilis.. Kath taas mo bilis!”

“Oh yan. Galing yan kay Edick. Yung iba hula. Bilis si Veron pa.”

“B…A… last page… tingin… taas mo di ko makita… A…D…E… okay na.” I winked and passed my answers to my seatmates on the other side. Any corrections were scattered quickly in the class. There are still three questions left blank in my paper and by this time some of my classmates are already passing their papers. It’s time to use my powers again. My “hula powers”.

“Okay pass your paper… 1..2… I will not accept late papers..3…4… and…5… See you next meeting.”

its been a long long time again since i last updated this blog... kainis kasi pumapasok na ko as intern sa *toooottt chikwet* ... ngayon na ulet me makakapag post...

anyway... what happened to me this past few days?... nako marami! sulet ang kwento ko pag nakinig ka.. para kang nanood ng movie ng libre... with action, drama, etc.... and most especially comedy... *right june?* medyo mahaba kung iddetail ko here, so maybe i'll try next time kasi medyo late na rin... and yung iba kong articles na walang kwenta eh di ko pa rin na popost... pati yung sinasabi ko na story na pinag-usapan namin ng cousin ko *Che!* eh di ko pa rin tapos pero malapit na po...

uhm... ah etoh na lang... few minutes ago, naka chat ko ang pare ko... *hi po! ^_^* and matagal kaming di nag-usap kasi.. ano... basta.. ayun... so there... pero at least nagkausap kami kasi di kami magkakabati nung friend ko na yun... di ba pare??? luv ko yun eh.... di ba poh??? * i know you'll read this some time and makikita mo na nandito ka sa blog ko... dont worry ilalagay ko rin mga pag-uusap natin sa phone pag wala na talaga ko mailgay dito... hehehe.. yari ka!!! namiss kita sobraaa...... sowee talaga.... T_T let's stop non sense okay...* ang saya ko.... bati na kami.. hehehe... ^_^ weee....

as part of my blog... and for the readers *as if na meron* to continue viewing mg blog *sana man lang mag-comment po kayo*... i'll be posting a series of stories.. a real life one... about school... and it's not about me only, it is also about my friends' experiences and others... you can check it out on my next post... pagtapos non may mga susunod pa... kasi by Part yon, and chapters... pero iba iba.. di magkakarugtong... pero makakarelate naman kayo... kaya yon...

see you!!!! namiss ko kayooooo!!! muaaaahhhuuugggssss!!! ^_^
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