Monday, July 14, 2008

Greetings... again... and Again

Greetings Again.. and Again...
I originally written this yesterday.. But I failed to post this last night coz I was exhausted. Got no strength to turn on the pc and post this... Sorry for the delay.. huhuhu... Anyway, just think that the day is July 14 when you continue to read... Alrighty!

July 14, 3pm

Looks like I made this blog just for my greetings... hopeless... T_T ... I made this NOT JUST for greetings instead... but this post is a special greeting for a special person I ever met. *naks*

Oooppss just a sideway, I'm typing this post as a new note in my Outlook, so I can access this at home in case I failed to post this today here at work... Mabagal yung illegal access of sites eh. hehehe..

Anyway.. this goes to my beautiful pretty gorgeous loving friend... DETHDETH...

I cant greet you over the phone... naiwan ko sa house ung phone ko. huhuhu.. engot hmp... and I had no way to text you, so I'll just greet you here.. and I'll add a comment in friendster too when I got home. ^_^

Hmm.. actually, Im still shocked bout the news you told me before... but Im happy for you.. coz I know you're happy too... but I feel a little sad... Sad because Im missing you a lot... *gosh Im gonna cry huhuhu* and nakakainis kasi hindi ka agad makakabalik here... I wanna do crazy things with you.. wahahaha... jowk.. There's no more shoulder when I needed it, *no more yours* unlike before... *like now I needed one. hehe*.. No more inuman sessions... Find no one to share drinks the same evil way we did sharing... No one to ride with my trips... Im so sad.. huhuhu... *smile smile smile*
Anyway... hmm.. Happy Birthday! Another year to add on your life.. another count to add on your age... and another person to add on your journey... hope to see you soon... miss you muahugs!

I wont miss this post to have a special mention... and message...
To my dearest friend na kahit hindi masyadong nagkakausap I know she's there... Sorry I feel like Im not doing my job as a friend for you... I know Im not always on your side.. Im not there to always check on you.. check out what's happening on you... I feel so guilty not caring bout you that much... sana naiintindihan mo, its not that Im busy, but I know na you're being watched na and cared of na, so I think my part would be not that much as important... but now I know you need me... *or is it*... Sorry Gay... mai mai.. menggay.. whatever your name is.. ikaw po yung tinutukoy ko...
I know you can make it. you are a strong one same build with me. hehehe... Fighter baby.. Show him what you got... even more... dito lang ako backing you up for whatever decision you made... one call away.. one text away.... okie gay? miss you. dalaw ka samin minsan. hehehe muahugs!

There it goes!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Long TIme No Post

Long Time No Post dudes!!! hehe...

I havent practiced my language lately, but I have to.. that is why Im posting... just to practice.. even before, this writing serves as a practice... and every post talks my practiced language...

Anyway, first and foremost, I'd like to send one of my greatest CONGRATUMALATIONS *hehehe you know the word if you listen to them every morning* to my high school friend... Onang!! wuhoo! a healthy bouncing baby boy for yah! what a blessing! at meron na naman kaming inaanak!!! another reason for gathering! weee!!! im fixing the sched so we all can be set. alright. cool. see you soon, we're all excited to meet our new inaanak.. \m/

Secondly, is that I am getting busy all the time, got only 6 hours to give my body a rest, I mean sleep everyday. And I feel like my eyebags are waving, near to reach my cheek.. oh my gosh... Who wants to give me your sleep... Im craving for it... I wanted a full sleep...

What I miss a lot:
- tambay mode sa school... (every vacant hours, we do our review in benches near the field inside the campus where we can see passing students, that is what keeps us on break, just to have something to talk about... talking bout people passing by.. ^_^ oh no we're not insecure..)
- kare kare and sisig ... (usually my classmates and i share this ulam every lunch weee... of course to make the price cheaper individually)
- UAAP .... basketball... university events ( i can feel that we're really from that campus because of this.. and all students are friends... intact despite of different courses... we all have in common: skipping classes because of this. >.<)
- overnight.... (eerrr an overnight bonding.... we always do this during our thesis... huhuhu I miss an overnight bonding.. huhuhuhu... )
- cheating.. :P (hahaha... no need to explain... if you are a student, you automatically know how to do this one... hell how we do it our way...)
- kwentuhan... (tsk tsk...)
- and so many more pa... in short i miss my student life... now that i reached thereafter, im trying to pull it back... oh.. now i can spell idiot... together with my name. huhuhu.. im missing so much of those...

anyway, its getting late... a lot happened to me from the day of my previous post till now... I have a lot to tell.. but... I will just keep it... because time is running. and im running out of it again.. waahh...

till next time my dear blog.. bow!
Monday, May 5, 2008

My Biggest Greeting!

-originally written on April 30, 2008-


Oh? bakit?! Anu binabasa mo? Hehehe jowk. ^_^
I would like to send the biggest CONGRATULATIONS I ever give *bongga!hehe* to one of my beloved friend *toootXXXX* for the best moment of his life has come (naks). Im so very (so na very pa) happy for you, be good and gudluck for the next stage of your life. I know you will make it, and your dreams would soon come true. Ignore the negatives and treasure the positives for one day
you'll realize how lucky you are (or narealize mo na siguro ngayon) to have such an angel. In the
future, you'll be the happiest man I ever known, and you would tell things opposite from those
making you hard before. I'm so proud of you coz you make it up to this day, your day, the day of
your life you wont ever forget. You will see yourself cheering every year celebrating this day
with the one who is with you to make this day possible. (yiiieee)

Cheers pare!!!
-originally written on april 29,2008-

Here i am on my blog. Again. What do you expect me to write about now?
Has having a title of Bad Words caught your eye? No im not pertaining to you, like who the hell you are. And if this post stab the fuck in you, then great! now You know its for you.

What do you want me to say? Im so mad to all of you. How dare you leave us like that. I cant believe this..

Putanginang english yan... hindi ko maexpress shet!

So, as i was saying...
Sana lang masaya kayo sa mga pinaggagagawa nyo. You know who you are and you know what am i talking about. Pero sige sasabihin ko pa rin kung ano yun.
Ang hirap maging organizer sa totoo lang, alam kong nahirapan din yung iba who are willing to cooperate and pursue the event dahil sa gusto nila matuloy. I just hate back outers, one of the most reason is that they are the cause why the words 'cancel' and 'postpone' exist talking about number of people to make the event possible, or the way (the evil that way) people depend to each other. It's like a virus, once there is affected, then the others would be too. Hindi ko... uhmm.. maimagine, or how to put in words what I am feeling since yesterday, seems like Im betrayed or something. Parang may nawala, then nawala lahat, then with a tick of the clock, I just realized "Hey, am I the one who is still okay, or am I the one who is not, shit I'm lonely one of a sudden." How could you not telling me Im lost already.

Am I that hopeless! I know im not. I knew Im not. And omg, how hard i tried to please all of you. Oh sige hindi kaplease please ang words ko, (how come, i browse my sent items and its ok, oh cge na nga) but do you realize that Im at the bottom of you already, and your pride is still in the air stepping on me. Oh yeah, it steps on you too, dont you feel it? else you're not a human.. Grabe ang taas nyo naman... See hinabol ko pa kayo after tayo nagkabadtripan... Nag initiate pa ko... I did wagging on my tail to that extent magbago lang isip nyo... (Oh Im hitting my keyboard btw)

Okay, Lets talk about the capitals. CAPITAL R-E-A-S-O-N with so many "S"... These just make me smile whenever i think the words 'they dont care' slap on my face. I know how to understand and i know how to spell it, meron lang na namimispell no matter how i read it, hindi ko mabasa. I dont know if I had the problem or them, its just that I dont get the few reasons why. Hmm.. Wala ako sa sapatos nyo to come up with such reasons at may iba iba tayong sizes ng shoes so hindi rin ako magfifit to understand bakit maliit and paa ko or bakit malaki yung sapatos nyo. Kapag inelaborate ko yung mga reason nyo kung bakit tayo nagkabadtripan lahat, I feel that Im talking dirty and those trashes do not suit my blog.

I really wanted na tirahin kayo dito, but my guilt stops me to. Oh yeah I have, how bout you? After nyo mang iwan do you still have? At least letter G man lang out of GUILT..

Sheeeett talaga.. eerrrr... Im so disappointed from you all... Have a shame.
Thursday, March 6, 2008

SPAMMING session *1*


Hey there…
Just want to share with you guys kung anu anong pinaguusapan namin ng mga kastart group ko sa work pag nagi-spam sa email… hehe.. just a routine and hobby I guess na namin, and yung mga regular flooders… wakoko…

Hindi ko akalain ganito sila kaseryoso sa emails, unlike when you look at them… Their words don’t seem like them.. aaw.
Now I’m thinking if I’m one of the lines I said… hahah!!

MACM: what will U do with someone na gagawin ang lahat lahat mawala ka lang sa buhay nia pero alam mong mahal ka nia.?????
ALP: Sbihin mu skanya.. “Ang plastic mu ha”
MJCP: Ahahahaha… e2 sabuhin mu “do you sure?” bwahahaha
EKSG: Sabihin mo sige aalis ka.. madali lang naman magpakamatay para mawala eh.. tpos sabay tanong sa kanya, sure ka nang gus2 mo ako mawala? Hehehehe
RBR: korek!!!
kasi bkit nman nya gagawin ang lahat lahat para mawala ka kung mahal ka nya da vah!!
o baka un lang ang pagkakaalam mo.. pero hndi talaga..
MJCP: Bka gagawin lng nya un kc nga mahal nya ung tao.. ayaw nya masktan.. yta? Haha
RBR: helow.... gagawin ang LAHAT LAHAT para mawala ka??
hndi nman yata love un... baka muhi! Haha

ALP: Panu mu malalaman n ndi k n mahal or nagsasawa n syo ang mahal mu???
MACM: eh baket nga ba kc gnun..hahah
bakit pa kelangan niang gawin un.?hehehe
RBR: mararamdaman mo un sa sarili mo...
MJCP: Muhi = nosebleed hahaha Eh bka may iba na ung tao, pero kahit pnu mahal k p nya hahaha
ABP: Just let him do what he wants. Ignore it. Soon He's the the one who's gonna regret his idiocracy.
MACM: nice question Amiel...hahahhah pakisagot nga un..ehehhe
ALP: panu mu masasabi n tama ung mararamdaman mu..
MACM: pde kcng ginagawa nia lang un kc nga mahal ka nia...ayaw ka na niang masaktan..
or pde rin na nagsasawa na cgru xa...y.???
ALP: Panu mu malalaman n nagsasawa n?
MJCP: C Ponaya himala hehehehe
Nagsasawa na xa kc nauumay na hahahahaha
MACM: eh di sinabi nia na nagsasawa na xa....peu di nia maexplain kung baket...
ALP: Panu mu mafifil kung ndi nya nman cnsabi???

EKSG: Pede naman talga un eh… FALL OUT OF LOVE twag dun… eh kung mainlove ka nga hndi mu maxplain, un p kaya. Valid reason un…

MJCP: Ahaha uo nga… ndi nman maeplain un, bsta mrarmdman mu lng n sawa ka…
Panu mu malalaman? Edi pag kumpleto araw mu kahit wla xa harhar
MACM: eh di un nga ung ginagawa n nia lahat para magalet ka sa kanya... mararamdaman mu un sv nga ni chel..unless manhid ka..hahah
MJCP: Haha uo… gagwin nya lahat pra ikaw mismo ung umayaw sknya…
Uo tama nga c marco… waw marco ah based from experience hahaha
ALP: Panu kung manhid k nga???
Ndi mu kz xa kayang mawala
ABP: Walang mangyayari sayo kung manghuhula ka lang.. khit ano p ang sbihin nmin. wlang mgiging ipekto un! What should be done is ASK.. Yes mahirap.. cno bng nagssabing madali? And besides nahihirapan k n rin nmmn db? might as well end your suffering by asking for the real reason.. there could be a possibility that you are just hallucinating.. dB? Hehe!

ALP: Panu mu nman malalaman n my ibang mahal n ang mahal mu???
MACM: its ur problem...nasa sau un kung ok lang na ginaganon ka nia...
MJCP: Buset nman mga tanong mu amiel… manhid ka no? hahahahaha kaya d mu alm
ALP: Eh panu kung tinatanong mu nga,pero ndi k satisfied s sagot??? Parang ndi 22o ung cnsabi???
EKSG: Private room ba hanap mo?? Hehe..joke
MJCP: Ai naku gn2 lang yan… ayaw mu lang tanggapin katotohanan at ngbubulag bulgan ka na
ALP: Ndi ko lam.. mahirap tlaga eh..
MJCP: Ahahaha, bakit ndi nman mahirap un kung sensitive ka
PAQ: baka hindi ka satisfied sa sagot na nakukuha mo kasi medyo guilty ka sa kaloob-looban mo na may ginagawa kang kalokohan or ikinasasama ng loob niya kaya natatanong mo kung may iba na siyang mahal o wala. usually hindi ikaw ang akakaalam kung mahal ka pa niya o hindi. ang makakaalam nun eh ibang tao na nakakakita sa kanya at nakakasama siya.
MJCP: Tumpak!! Pakinggan mu c paq marami experience yan bwahahaha
ALP: Sabagay,bka ganun nga.. na my rison dn xa para gawin un..
ABP: Di n sya ang may problem nun.. malamang ikw n.. that's the time when you should rethink if you are just creating your own fantasy world. Sometimes tama ang mga hinala ntin.. pero most of the time movie flicks lng ang gusto nting makita. Hehe! lalim..
He/she must have been saying the truth.. and may have been thinking the same way that you do? Db?
ALP: Nakaka cra nman kz ng ulo pag gnun ang nangyayari..
EKSG: ah kaya pala craulo k n ngaun? ako magtatanong sau... break n ba kayo? o soon to be? hahaha.. peace!
MJCP: Mongoloid ka kc amiel..
ABP: Based s pagsasalita mo.. di k manhid and masyado mo syang mahal. but as paq said. bka may rason sya pra gwin nya syo ung mga binibintang mo? But what i can say is that Takot k lng. as in.. if you luv her.. you should trust her for her feelings for you.. once n mwala un.. gnyan ang mgyyari.. if you love her continue to love her and trust her that is is loving in return.. if she decides that she doesn't love you anymore I'll bet a 105% that she'll tell you!
MJCP: Ponaya obvious nman na manhid yan, wlang alam eh hahahaha
Action speaks louder than words

ALP: Panu kung ang cnsbi “I want distance from us”??? tama b English q,hehehe.. walang pakialamanan,pero may pansinan p rin..
MJCP: Mali grammar mu tgalugin mu nlng hahahaha
Naglolokohan nlng kau nun, buti p break nlng dun din un mapupnta
MACM: no comment...:p ahahahha
SOR: Sometimes we are inlove with the idea of falling inlove. Loving the illusion of having or missing someone. It’s alright to fill happy through other people. But don’t get dependent on achieving happiness by being with someone. Love one’s self first, be whole first before sharing your life with somebody. Coz if you don’t you will always look for people that you think can make you complete, and in the end, will make you lose yourself more.. bit by bit.. piece by piece..
MJCP: Sabi ko na nga ba eh! bwahahahaha
Ahhhhh nosebleed pero my point! Ayan amiel basahin mu haha
MACM: huh..gs2 ko lang itanong..nkakarelate lang c amiel kya nag follow up question..hahah
@ sony, nice words..hehe
MJCP: C amiel c guro kc dami tanong eh haha
MACM: tska kung ayaw na di wag mu ng ipilit db.?
nsasaktan ka lang kc nde mu matanggap na wla na xa sau....accept it...hehehe
ABP: Hmm.. Two things.
Cool off - medyo naguguluhan sya s situation nyo. You can still talk it over. Or a non biased friend may help you.Maybe she's in a situation where she's doubting her own feelings for you. You might have done something.
Break Up- (Ouch!) Di k n nya mahal. Or May nagawa kang msma. or She might have fell for someone already. But still if space plang ang hiningi nya. May pagasa pang mgkabalikan.
May is p plng reason. Gusto nyang ligawan mo ulit sya.. hehe! Worked for me! haha! Ewan ko lng syo..
MJCP: Ahaha uo nga kesa mgtanga tangahan ka lol Oh amiel words of wisdom… ligwan mu ulit haha
ALP: Ganda nung cnbi ni sony ha..
Kinopya ko nga s cp eh..
Parang quotes,hahaha..
MJCP: Ahaha d q nga bnura eh
MACM: huh..ok lang sau na ligawan mu ulit xa matapos xang mkipag break.?hehe
dpat pag nag break there's no turning back..hahah quotes tlga ni sony un..hahah
sony papasahan mu daw kc c amiel ng mga gnung kowts para matauhan..haha

MJCP: Bwahahahaha tlgang matauhan ah
Lol no turning back k jan
Kya nga my reconciliation eh
ABP: Ang Tanong.. mahal mo b sya? Kung oo it doesn't always mean n letting go is the answer. sometimes lowering your pride can be the key..
ALP: Ligaw???
Suyuin nlang,parang ganun dn nman un,hihi..
Sobrang baba n nga ng tingin mu s srili mu eh,dahil jan..
MJCP: Kaya nga lower ung pride lmao haha
ABP: Hmm.. Nsa perception nyo yan.. di mo nmn totally liligawan ulit e.. the reason for doing the courtship is for you to make her remember those times. Those HAPPY moments. Those reasons why she loved you.. db? Anyway. if you've tried enough. (if you think so) Then Just dump the relationship. and start a new one. whith someone who can appreciate you.
MACM: eh wat if mahal mo xa pero pag naging ok na kau ulet..
parang the same thing happened before will happen again..
ung paulit ulit lang..db khit mahal mu xa kung lage namang ganon
nkakasawa na din..

MJCP: Hahaha ndi nya mgegetz yan manhid yata yan eh hahaha
MACM: eh pnu kung nilolower mu na ung pride mu..peu pag naging ok kau ulet...the same thing happened again..parang paulit ulit lang...
MJCP: Maglaslas ka nlng hahahaha…
Yan ba ung sorry uulitin, sorry uulitin, sorry uulitin?
Wala n pgasa yan break na yan hahaha
MACM: eh di itigil mu na..ang dami namang iba jan eh...ganito lang yan:
nde lahat ng tao na nakikilala natin at minamahal eh magsstay forever sa tin..
lahat cla aalis..parang they just droping by in our lives..kya isipin mu kung bakit cla dumaan sa buhay natin...anu ba ung dpat nating matutunan from them...
un na un..hahaha
MJCP: Sabog ka rin eh noh… kaw dn sumgot s tanong mu hahahaha
Pero my point ka jan!
RBR: Sorry was never synonimous to I wont do it again...
When she/he falls out of love, it doesn't mean your giving less, its bcoz she/he is asking too much..
Cryin' before breaking up is good, you are trying to save the relationship, but after is different, thats stupidity...
Bitterness is often the painful consequences of holding on
Forgiveness is different from second chances.. OUCH!!! Tissue please...

@mich.. about comment mo knina.. bangag k ano??? parine k nga sa CG!
sana wala sa dictionary ung word n reconcile kung hndi n pwede magkabalikan at wala sanang "Love is sweeter the second tym 'round" :P
ang galing mo ha... nsa bootcamp k na nkkapagflood k pah... hayan instructor mo! nsa likod mo...

MACM: eh kc ang sakit isipin na ganon..hirap tanggapin..:(
MJCP: Nosebleed hahahahaha… gumgnyan ka p bunso haha

Self inflicted nlng tlga un… kw n my kgagawan ng sakit if ever haha

MACM: haha..gnun tlga..nde ko kc alam gagawin eh..
di ako mkapagconcentrate d2..heheh nde naman para sa love lang ung word na reconcile ah.?db.?hehehe
love is sweeter.?huh ewan ko lang din..haha
ABP: Kung di k magtitiwala. you will see evryone else as that. you will end up tromatized. It's her loss if she does it again. s gwapo nating to! haha!
MJCP: Eh love is all about risking naman eh hahahaha…
Nsa un if mgreisk ka 4 the second time… pero wla n dpat thrd time 4 same reason haha
MJCP: DUH?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Dun ako todo comment
Kelangan pa tlga may gwapo? Hahahahahahahahaha
Pwde nman ndi isma ung srili cnma pa hahahaha pizV

ALP: s lahat ng mga nag comments,thanks,kahit ndi maayos ung sagot.. thanks emgee,hahaha!!! 
RBR: nagpapasalamat si amiel kasi lalo nagulo utak nya..
ung utak nya pilipit ng 1 milyong beses... sabog yan pag dating sa bahay nila mya..
Welcome amiel.. :P
ABP: Acceptance is really one of the hardest thing to do. especially if that thing hurts more than a needle picking your ass. But time will heal your ass and makes your ass tougher for pain. In the future you will be able to take a larger pain in the ass.
ALP: Panu naman kung tinatanong mu xa kung nu rison,pero cnsbi nya wala,kahit alam mung may rison tlaga kung bket xa gnun syo???
MJCP: Edi pilitin mung paaminin hahaha
MACM: halikan mo..whahahhaha
Jmg: hahaha..ayos!
ALP: Interrogation,hahaha..
MACM: eh di hayaan mu ..kung ayaw naman niang mkipag break eh ok lang un..haha
RBR: malamang... c mitch kasi khit hndi pilitin ung tinatanong nya... basta kapag hndi sinagot ang tanong nya automatic manghahalik yan... rule number 1 nya un eh.. haha.. peace mets...
MJCP: Bwahahaha mga banat mu bunso ah haha
Gago Man Ako, Di Naman Ako Tanga... *Last Part*

*pls read the First Part... you may not get the story...*

VN: so un nga, setup ng ibang araw
Ako: ah pahabain ung araw...
VN: *sige palaglag natin, sa ibang araw
Ako: pahabain ung araw hanggang malaman sa kanila.
VN: the best nyan linggo
Ako: bkit linggo
VN: simba muna kami/ tas dalhin ko sya sa pede pagpalaglagan
VN: *pero imbes na dun ko dalhin
VN: xmpre sa mga lugar na andun ung magulang niya
VN: kasi wala na rin naman eh, most likely malalaman ng magulang or mahahalata ng magulang niya un eh
Ako: honga eh..
VN: kasi empre parang maghihina un
VN: better yer ipaalam na
Ako: kahit palaglag nya un malalaman pa rin... kasi need nya ng ilang araw para makarecover
VN: tama un ung gusto ko sabihin,
VN: same same ung output
VN: hindi ipalaglag = malalaman ng magulang
VN: ipalaglag = malalaman ng magulang
VN: like duh?! hehe
VN: so which is better? the first one or the latter?
Ako: hahaha... yan ka na naman sa matematikal ek ek mu eh..haha
VN: empre Engineer teo eh
Ako: honga eh... so its done.
Ako: eh pero kunyari ganito..
Ako: pumayag ka na ipalaglag..
VN: life is like math, it leads us to the right answer (haha binasa ko sa text ito haha)
VN: *ako papayag? never
VN: hehe
Ako: nice. labyu! hehe..
VN: worst case scenario ko lang diyan eh
VN: aangkinin ko ung bata
VN: pero di ko papakasalan ung girl
VN: oi tae okay na ba?
Ako: yup. pero never kang papayag na ipalaglag..
VN: oo naman
VN: gago man ako, di naman ako tanga… hehe
Ako: and never ka ring maniniwala na magpapakamatay sya...
VN: ay depende hehe
Ako: so gawin nya muna bago ka maniwala.. haha
VN: may tendency siya pakamatay
VN: depende sa paguusap ng day nung confrontation
Ako: kung sa tingin mo na ggwin nya nga..
VN: qng ung day ng confrontation parang negative ungdating ko, like talgang ayaw ko angkinin
VN: most likely papakamtay un
VN: mas lalo madedepress un
Ako: ahaha... so scared na ayaw mong angkinin hahaha my gosh
VN: depende sa way ng pag uusap un
Ako: un nga eh.. aangkinin na nga ayaw pa nung grl..
VN: *hindi naman sa so scared ako, gusto ko lang maging sure
Ako: papanagutan na nga ayaw pa nung girl..
VN: eh?
Ako: gusto nya lang mawala ung nasa tyan nya...
Ako: ayaw nya ng kahihiyan sa family...
VN: di ba mas kahihiyan ang magpalaglag?
VN: saka kailan pa naging kahihiyan ang bata?
VN: nyway, di naman ako ung nasa situation eh, kaya mahirap mag judge
Ako: honga..
VN: kung ako sayo, ung kaibigan mo na lalaki, eh kausapin mo mabuti, alug alugin mo para malagay sa tino hehe
VN: sa kanya nakadepende ung situation wala dun sa babae
Ako: hahaha!!! alug alugin ko ba.. haha
VN: uu hehe
Ako: eh pero ayaw nya nga eh...
Ako: ayaw nya ipalaglag ung baby..ung girl may gusto...
VN: no guts no glory
VN: gawa siya ng white lie
VN: anu ba bumabalik lang teo sa dati eh
VN: urgh! set-up niya
VN: di makuha sa mahinahon
VN: ako mismo papatay diyan eh kulit
Ako: eerr.. i know na i know na..
Ako ay sabi pa pala nya..
VN: sino ba yan turo mo sakin laglag ko
Ako: gusto nya na rin daw magpakamatay,, ng lalaki..
Ako: pag wala na ung baby, di daw kaya ng konsensya nya eh...
VN: katarantaduhan
VN: di pala niya kaya, so ayaw niya gawan paraan
VN: para mapigilan ung babae
VN: naq naq sobrang ka-ta-ran-ta-du-han
Ako: eh kasi ayaw nya rin makasama ung girl..
Ako: eh hindi naman papayag ung family nung girl na tustusan lang un...
Ako: syempre ung surname nung baby panu un...
VN: paulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit ulit lang tayo
Ako: saka anu un walang daddy ung baby?? kawawa
VN: edi surname nung babae
VN: bakit ba laging naka set ung utak MO sa simpleng papel lang?
Ako kawawa ung girl.. makakahanap p b sya ng magmamahal sa knya eh may baby na sya
VN: marriage contract ampf! just a piece of paper
VN: *bakit end na ba ng mundo or ng lovelife niya pag may anak na siya? wala na magmamahal? wawa naman siya tsk tsk
Ako: duh?!
Ako: tae ka!!!eh kung ako un..malamang ganun din iisipin ko...
Ako: pero sa stage ko ngaun... kung ako un..
Ako: hindi ko kelangan ng tatay..
VN: see!
VN: ganun un!
Ako: oo hindi ako magpapakasal.... kasi kaya kong buhayn un mag isa...
VN: zeL: hoy bata, anak ko mabuhay ka mabuhay ka mabuhay ka wohhoooo
Ako: hindi ko need ng pantustos nya,,, pero ok lang kung tustusan nya... pero di ko need ng kasal kung ayaw naman nya di ba
Ako: ahahhaa
VN: tama tama, yan ang magandang punto na narinig ko sayo
Ako: pero student pa lang ung girl...
Ako: hhmmmm
VN: look at the brightside, (1) hindi sya baog ung iba asa 40 na wala pa anak siya student pa lang may anak na, (2) di nya na need sumayaw sa obando, (3) di na sasakit ang paa niya sa pagsayaw dun(4) mas mababatayan niya ung anak niya, (5) mas maaga siya matutoto sa buhay niya,
VN: napakadaming reasons pa kung kulang text niya lang ako
Ako: ayus!! hahaha
Ako: syempre sasabihin ko rin yan kung nakakausap ko sya..
VN: taob siya! kasi ung reason nya sa pagpalaglag eh dahil sa kahihiyan isa lang un
Ako: eh hindi ko kc alam kung anu tumatakbo dun sa utak nya..
Ako: ang alam ko lang ung dun sa lalaki
VN: alin ang sasabihin mo? ung pagsayaw sa obando?
VN: *ako alam ko tumatakbo sa utak niya
VN: at believe me hindi maganda
VN: gothic! Magulo madilim maingay
VN: kaya kailangan nun kausap
VN: outlet ng problema
VN: at walang da best na outlet
VN: kung di babae din na tulad niya na mahinahon
VN: *sure ako hindi ikaw un
Ako: haha tae!
VN: joke pish teo :0*
Ako: uu bubugbugin ko sya eh...
VNaduguin mo nguso tas laglag mo sa hagdan
VN: woolaahhhh laglag na shazzaammmm!
Ako: pag nakita ko un bibigyan ko sya ng headbutt..
Ako: wahaha...
VN: o kaya SG mo
VN: kewl!
Ako: gagawin kong punching bag tyan nun para wala na syang problema..
Ako: haha
VN: arkilahin mo si bert pa-straight mo hehe
Ako: eh ayaw din nung guy na makasama ung girl...
VN: *ampf! ayan nanaman
VN: edi wag kasamahin duh!
Ako: feeling nya magiging miserable buhay nya..
VN: gugulo niyo haha
VN: so wag nya pakisamahan gawin niya responsibility sa bata
Ako: syempre papayag ba ung family nung girl na tustusan lang?
VN: simple simpleehh
VN: qng hindi pumayag,eh di wag pumayag
VN: lam mo wala teo magagawa, wala tayo sa sitwasyon nung matatanda
VN: pag mga parents na nagusapusap dehado na
VN: unless may guts ung lalaki na mag-STAND
VN: na ayaw nya matali nang dahil lang sa bata
VN: makabago na mga tao ngeon zel, ung mga matatanda, ibang generation sila, mahirap gwan ng paraan pag ung problema na eh magulang
VN: ano meron ka pang iuulit? hehehe
Ako: hehehe teka nagiisip pa ko..
Ako: ok na..
Ako: as in wala ko masabi.. hay jerk... galing mo vn.. woooo..
Ako: buti na lang anjan ka.. weeeeeee labyu vn!!!
VN: naq naq wala ka magagawang mabuti dyan
VN: tae tulog naq
Ako: geh geh ako rin dami ko na antok
Ako: mamatae.. gudnyt!!!

Gago Man Ako, Di Naman Ako Tanga... (First Part)

This is an originally 15-page conversation when I copied it on Word using the default style and size. Hehehe…. Meaning, edited na po ito, tinanggal ko na yung mga hindi masyado related sa topic… Actually funny yet meaningful yung session namin dito… One of my greatest friend…

VN: taenality
Ako: oi..
VN: la lang
VN: haha
VN: napansin ko OL ka pala
VN: kaya ginulo kita
Ako: anu mapagkkwentuhan jan
VN: la eh
VN: marami akong antok ngeon
Ako: ganun...
VN: hehe
Ako: may tatanong na lang ako...
Ako: wehehe..
VN: hano?
VN: yan na lang pagkwentuhan natin
VN: ung tanong mo
Ako: hindi ako to ah..
VN: ahh
Ako: panu pag halimbawa.. may gf ka..
VN: situation yan
VN: tas hindi kaw
VN: kei kei
Ako: tapos 1 yr na kau kunyari.... tapos nagkakamalabuan na
VN: maf gf ako?
VN: geh 2loy
Ako: tapos.. edi un bigla nawalan kau ng kontak
Ako: kasi ayaw nyo na
Ako: pero
VN: so walang closure parang ganun?
Ako: walang formal break up
VN: souka
Ako: souka = i see.. tae haha
Ako: tapos
VN: *(souka = i see)
Ako: lam ko tae.
Ako: tapos aun nakausap mo sya after few months..
Ako: sabi nya sya ay.. jontis.
Ako: anu ggwin mo?
VN: hmmm shock xempre, saka depende muna sino unang nawalan ng kontak or hindi kumontak
VN: ako oh ung gf (supposed to be parin)
VN: ako ba?
Ako: eh ikaw ung nakajontis
Ako: uu
VN: najontis ako?
VN: mas OMG
Ako: najontis mo..
Ako: jontis ka na eh...
Ako: haha
VN: awts sama
VN: hehe
VN: ahhh ganito bali ung kwento
VN: may gf ako
Ako: uu
VN: tas nagkalabuan kami
VN: tas di na nagkaroon ng communication
VN: after few months
VN: ung babae
VN: bumalik
VN: tas sinabi buntis siya
VN: at ako ama?
Ako: nu ggwin mo
VN: una kong sasabihin "sure ka?"
VN: hehe
Ako: aw.. haha
VN: "tas sabihin ko yepeee HINDI AKO BAOG wuhoooo"
Ako: wuhoo!!!
VN: ehhh but kidding aside, gagawin ko agad eh magcompute
VN: months ng bata tas ung last tym na nag "do" kami
Ako: un nga..
VN: kasi nakapagtataka
VN: dapat kung buntis siya dapat weeks pa lang eh bumalik na siya
VN: thinking na ung alleged break-up eh di naman formal at both parties eh talagang na fall out of love lang
Ako: sabihin nating twice lang may nangyri sa inyo...
Ako: pero sabihin nating nacompute mo..
Ako: and sure nga na ikaw un.
Ako: nu nga ggwin mo
VN: depende pa rin
VN: di ko pa rin aangkinin
VN: sa umpisa
Ako: un rin inisip ko nung una eh.. nagbilang din ako nung nalaman ko un.. haha
VN: kasi sabi ng spongecola "nakapagtataka...."
Ako: waaaaaaaa
VN: *nagbilang ka? so ikaw ang ama?
Ako: oo ako daw ung ama. haha
VN: hahaha anyway, kaya ko nasabi na nakapagtataka eh kasi ganito ha
Ako: kung ikaw un.. papanagutan mo ba..
VN: di muna unless sure ako
VN: so ganito naisip ko
VN: ohh basta ganito ha
VN: kunwari (kunwari lang po ang mga kwento, ito ay halaw lamang sa malikot na imahinasyon) ikaw ung babae at ako si lalaki
VN: pareho tayo nagkalabuan
VN: kasi wala lang, wala na tayo nararamdaman
VN: so pareho tayo di na kinontak ung isat isa
VN: alangan namang mawalan lang tayo ng feelings sa isat isa diba, siguro kasi ako may nakita na iba na mas higit sa iyo
VN: (siguro ung nakita ko sa iba eh love, tas sayo lust nyahaha joke pish)
VN: tas empre, mostly likely eh ganun ung nangyari sa iyo
VN: may nakita ka na iba pa
VN: tas months passes by
Ako: your lust disguise as love ika nga ng urbadub
VN: *ampf gulo mo haha
Ako: aw
Ako: teka kasssiiiiiiiii
Ako: eh sabihin na nating ikaw nga un!!! ikaw ang ama!!itay!!!
VN: diba nakapagtataka na babalik ka para lang sabihin na may anak tayo
VN: eh paano nakakasiguro
VN: kasi kung ung break up namen
VN: eh dahil sa away na kagagawan ko
VN: mas maniniwala pa ako na babalik ka, after months
VN: or few months at sasabihing "ei vn may anak na tayo"
Ako: tae..
Ako: eh alam mo namang hndi sya pokpok..
Ako: and sabihin na nating sau lang sya natuto...
VN: bakit pokpok lang ba
VN: ung nabubuntis?
VN: duh?
VN: un na nga un eh
Ako: ahhaha tae ka...
VN: sakin natuto
Ako: ibigsabihin ikaw nagturo!
VN: ganito analogy natin
VN: kunwari tinuruan kita mag basketball
Ako: tae ang hirap sa chat pinaguusapan toh eh..
VN: natuto ka sakin
VN: magaling ka na sobra
VN: bilang "normal" human
VN: ano magiging next move since mas magaling ka na sa akin?
VN: di ba "to discover?"
VN: duh?!
Ako: hhmm may point ka..
Ako three points?
Ako: hehhe...
VN: pero if ever talaga at may evidence like DNA testing o kaya pahula (haha joke lang itong huli )
VN: na mapatunayan ko na akin
VN: pananagutan ko ung bata pero NONO to marriage
VN: di naman kasal ang sagot
Ako: i see pananagutan...
Ako: oh un lang tinatanong ko..
VN: as in BIG BIG (bigger than me ) NONO, kasi mostly likely eh matatali lang kami dahil sa bata
VN: at the end maglolokohan na lang kami
VN: either ako ang magloloko oh ung babae
Ako: oh next naman..
Ako: oh edi sau na nga ung bata... ikaw na talaga ang ama.
Ako: eh gsto ipalaglag ng gf mo..
VN: *ipalaglag?
VN: di nga?
Ako: sau sya nanghihingi ng help..
VN: serious?
Ako: kasi wla syang kilalang magpapalaglag...
Ako: and wala syang perang pampalaglag,,kasi ung gf moeh nag aaral pa lang..
Ako: anu ggwin mo
VN: *unang una sa lahat, tanga siya pag inangkin niya, kasi mas nagkakaroon ng glitch qng bakit bumabalik ung babae
VN: *pero mas tanga siya qng hahayaan niya na gawin nung gf niya un
VN: considering na may pinagsamahan sila
VN: qng ako dyan, i-setup ko siya sa magulang niya na malaman nung magulang niya ung mga pinagiisp nung anak nila, hehe pero mukhang mean itong sinabi ko, pero mas mean naman ang magpalaglag
Ako: hhmm.. un kaso
Ako: sabi ng gf mo, kunyari ako...ayokong malaman dito..
Ako: papakamatay daw c gf pag nangyri un...
VN: hmmmm alam mo kasi magulo lang isip nyan
VN: kaya nakakapagsabi ng papalaglag/papakamatay
VN: kaya nga naisip ko eh, palipasin muna ang araw
VN: kunwari ngeon ung confrontation
Ako: oh
VN: sabihin ko pagisipan ko
VN: wag muna padalosdalos
VN: tas setup lit ng ibang araw para magusap
Ako: eh pero gusto na nung girl.... na ipalaglag
VN: pag mahinahon na kaw
Ako: pero minamadali ka na nung girl jan sa pag iisipan mo.
VN: kaw nagsabi na wala pampalaglag ung babae
Ako: honga..

*cont... next post*

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hell Yeah

ei there...
havent posted for two months...
my god almost five months pag inadd pa ung previous post ko...
anyway, a sudden situation inspires me to write on this blog again.
been thinking on how to write it.
but i will surely write something about it.
and until now, i just cant believe that happened...
and sakin pa..
i cant believe it..
and i cant wait to share it.

right now, im planning to attend the Lovapalooza '08..
pero syempre jowk lang yon..
pis!!!im busy..
so much busy that even in weekends we have to go to work, and finish our tasks..
kasi magrerelease na ung projet..
too busy to manage sneak-typing a post like this...
and nakablock ung mga sites dun..super secure ang network, all proxies asa pa...

im not okay.. still affected by this i called sudden inspiration i guess...
and eto, katatapos ko lang mag siege...
tapos kachat ko ung mga guildmates ko..palipas oras lang...
gusto ko may leisure akong ginagawa...
ramdam ko anu ung napakalaking difference ng school from work sa ngayon.
siguro ung pinaka ramdam ko is walang pinoproblemang assignments every night..
nakakagala pa ko ng sundays na walang inaaalala na homework kaya need ko na umuwi ng maaga.. pero hindi ko sinasabing ginagabi ako ng uwi pag sundays... nafifeel ko lang na ganun...
and isa pa... eto yung pinakaramdam ko...dati nung nasa school, yung mga songs sa phone ko eh halos araw araw ko pinapalitan... as in...or hindi dadating ang 1 week ng hindi ako nagpapalit ng songs sa phone ko..ngayon... ung songs sa phone ko are i think four months ago na... hahaha... still yun pa rin ung mga songs na nakalagay.. hindi ako makapaniwalang hindi ko sya napapalitan.. and sa tuwing makikinig ako ng songs, natatawa ako na naiiyak...
natatawa in a sense na grabeh bulok na mga songs ko... bago naman sa pc.. bakit hindi ko nattransfer... and naiiyak in a sense na i almost feel the busiest person living - I HATE it!!!

alrightie! time for GREETINGS:
tae ingatz!!!
to kevin, salamat!!! your dabest!!! muahugs
to pare.. ingat!

ayown wala na ko maisip na itype...nga pala sa mga gusto magbasa ng kung ano ano, i idolize a certain journal from a guy that i dont know... just a part, and nalaman ko lang dahil sa pagbabasa ng updates nya.. and dun sa sinalihan ko... i find it interesting and kakaiba... anyway check nyo na lang.... here...

- more tae's lunch, dinner and kahit anong kainan session
- more taeh's bonding... i need friends.. hehe
- MAKE FRIENDS!!! and have fun...
- ultimate plan: magpakabusy sa work... baket? i dont want to be affected.

so there...i will update this pag nagka free time ako... and i will seek for that even if it only cost a minute...see yah!!!

para pala dun sa nagcomment... pakilala ka naman po... ^_^ salamat sa pagbabasa...hope u enjoy my writings....immature masyado pero ok lng ata.. hahaha!!!! geh dudnyt!!! muahugs!!!
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