Monday, May 5, 2008

My Biggest Greeting!

-originally written on April 30, 2008-


Oh? bakit?! Anu binabasa mo? Hehehe jowk. ^_^
I would like to send the biggest CONGRATULATIONS I ever give *bongga!hehe* to one of my beloved friend *toootXXXX* for the best moment of his life has come (naks). Im so very (so na very pa) happy for you, be good and gudluck for the next stage of your life. I know you will make it, and your dreams would soon come true. Ignore the negatives and treasure the positives for one day
you'll realize how lucky you are (or narealize mo na siguro ngayon) to have such an angel. In the
future, you'll be the happiest man I ever known, and you would tell things opposite from those
making you hard before. I'm so proud of you coz you make it up to this day, your day, the day of
your life you wont ever forget. You will see yourself cheering every year celebrating this day
with the one who is with you to make this day possible. (yiiieee)

Cheers pare!!!
-originally written on april 29,2008-

Here i am on my blog. Again. What do you expect me to write about now?
Has having a title of Bad Words caught your eye? No im not pertaining to you, like who the hell you are. And if this post stab the fuck in you, then great! now You know its for you.

What do you want me to say? Im so mad to all of you. How dare you leave us like that. I cant believe this..

Putanginang english yan... hindi ko maexpress shet!

So, as i was saying...
Sana lang masaya kayo sa mga pinaggagagawa nyo. You know who you are and you know what am i talking about. Pero sige sasabihin ko pa rin kung ano yun.
Ang hirap maging organizer sa totoo lang, alam kong nahirapan din yung iba who are willing to cooperate and pursue the event dahil sa gusto nila matuloy. I just hate back outers, one of the most reason is that they are the cause why the words 'cancel' and 'postpone' exist talking about number of people to make the event possible, or the way (the evil that way) people depend to each other. It's like a virus, once there is affected, then the others would be too. Hindi ko... uhmm.. maimagine, or how to put in words what I am feeling since yesterday, seems like Im betrayed or something. Parang may nawala, then nawala lahat, then with a tick of the clock, I just realized "Hey, am I the one who is still okay, or am I the one who is not, shit I'm lonely one of a sudden." How could you not telling me Im lost already.

Am I that hopeless! I know im not. I knew Im not. And omg, how hard i tried to please all of you. Oh sige hindi kaplease please ang words ko, (how come, i browse my sent items and its ok, oh cge na nga) but do you realize that Im at the bottom of you already, and your pride is still in the air stepping on me. Oh yeah, it steps on you too, dont you feel it? else you're not a human.. Grabe ang taas nyo naman... See hinabol ko pa kayo after tayo nagkabadtripan... Nag initiate pa ko... I did wagging on my tail to that extent magbago lang isip nyo... (Oh Im hitting my keyboard btw)

Okay, Lets talk about the capitals. CAPITAL R-E-A-S-O-N with so many "S"... These just make me smile whenever i think the words 'they dont care' slap on my face. I know how to understand and i know how to spell it, meron lang na namimispell no matter how i read it, hindi ko mabasa. I dont know if I had the problem or them, its just that I dont get the few reasons why. Hmm.. Wala ako sa sapatos nyo to come up with such reasons at may iba iba tayong sizes ng shoes so hindi rin ako magfifit to understand bakit maliit and paa ko or bakit malaki yung sapatos nyo. Kapag inelaborate ko yung mga reason nyo kung bakit tayo nagkabadtripan lahat, I feel that Im talking dirty and those trashes do not suit my blog.

I really wanted na tirahin kayo dito, but my guilt stops me to. Oh yeah I have, how bout you? After nyo mang iwan do you still have? At least letter G man lang out of GUILT..

Sheeeett talaga.. eerrrr... Im so disappointed from you all... Have a shame.
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