Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Real Friend: Slaps you Without a Hand


So I’m working on a code and suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere simply because my brain stops working. Well, not literally. Its just I need some help from my team mate which happens to be my crush. Well again, onting crush lang… Hehe.

The problem is… I find it so hard for me to talk to him. My eyes got so intimadated by just looking at him. Ugh.. hate this feeling. And its leveling up knowing that I need to talk to him sooner… To release my tension, I chat a friend.

Ako: Tae kelangan ko na naman syang kausapin… Sheeeet ayoko…
Tae: Gora!
Ako: Tsk. yuku nga… kasi naman eh… eerrr…
Tae: Ang arte.
Ako: Hmm. Bat ba kasi… er. er. er. *bump head sa chair*
Tae: Anu ka ba… Gora ka na… Di ka naman papatulan nyan eh. Laughing out loudHaha!
Ako: Sleepy smile
Ako: ohemgee… Nagising ako dun ah!
Ako: You know what? You’re so right!!! Isipin ko na lang…
Ako & Tae: UUULLLTTRRAAAA GGAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! Green with envy*apir*


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